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    For the most part, I think Hunters are "ok", at least for SV and BM. MM does need some attention as it just doesn't seem to have an identity right now. Overall I'm fine with my dps, although I feel like they could adjust a couple of things:

    1. Kill Shot: For a "Execute" type of ability, it just doesn't have enough oomph for me. Either they need to bump up the damage modifier to say around 500-600% weapon damage or at the very least, let it guarantee both hits crit.

    2. Cobra Shot: For a primary shot, it hits like a wet noodle. They don't need to go crazy, but maybe bumping it up to 100% weapon damage or so would go a long way.

    Neither of these would be a overpowering buff imo, but maybe just enough to push us up with the Locks and Mages. Overall though, we're not horrible (we're in a much better spot than we were in the begining of the x-pac) but I feel we could use a little nudge in certain spots. MM however needs a lot of love as it just doesn't hold up well as of right now.

    I'm curious to see how we fare come 5.2 as history has shown us, we seem to come out of the gate pretty strong, start to lag behind in the middle of the x-pac, then get some type of buff to push us back up towards the end. Honestly I feel we just don't scale as well as the casters do. I think they need to up Hunter scaling altogether to alleviate most of our issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homebrewd View Post
    We might be fine, but imo playing BM is the most boring shit ever. SV isn't that bad but MM is so much more fun than both of those.
    I actually find it quite cool to play BM for a change again. played SV and MM enough the last expansions, BM I havent really played a lot since TBC.
    I really like BM, good singletarget, good burst, stuff that's often needed. and playing it is everything else as booring. Everytime BW is ready I get excited about all the dmg I can now dish out if executed well :-) I find it fun and motivating

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