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    Do we need a change in dungeons while leveling ?

    Right. so i did a few dungeons today on my lvl 24 lock. I have full heirloom set. So did the others in the group. It was depressing. By the time i got corruption and unstable affliction on my target. It was dead before they started ticking. Warrior and pala in group 2 shot mobs. If i was lucky i managed to get of a shadow bolt at best. Or use drain life for some dmg

    I think the dungeons need a change. Its painfully depressing running dungeons when you can't do anything. I know that most ppl want to do them quick. But it cant be like this.

    What do you think can be done to fix this issue ? Or am i the only one considering this a issue ? I want to do the dungeons. Not run around not being able to do anything.

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    The whole levelling process is like that. Even with no XP perks you can't level at the same pace the story/zone does, and everythings such a joke. Add in heirlooms and you're pulilng 10 enemies at a time and can pretty much solo all the pre-TBC dungeons. I think at some point they just gave up on the levelling process being a meaningful part of the game and just made it as smooth and fast as possible to get to 90. I'm going through doing some Horde characters just to read the quests of each zone, but it's tough to stay pace with the zone and rather I end up skipping every other one due to my levell rocketing up whilst the other character I skip the alternate ones.

    That said, any change to slow it down would be met with outrage because in my exeprience most people do not enjoy levelling alts and would rather just have a new 90 one.

    As for your specific problem, not much to be done. It's pretty impossible to balance a 5 man dungeon with a wide level range, a varying skill level of players and 0-5 full decked heirloom characters. At some point Blizzard decided if people died during the levelling process it would cause them to stop the game, so now you've to try really hard to die.

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    I leveled my warlock during Cataclysm but in demonology spec, I was basically running everywhere spamming Hellfire; I was first dps even above the tank (except on single target fights.)

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    Why are you going as a dot spec when everything dies in 2 seconds? That's just your own fault.
    Go Demo and spam Hellfire in Demon Form.

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