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    Creating your own ability/spell

    Read a post recently about what changes people would like for shamans next expansion and it turned into people just making up abilities they wanted. Some of them sounded really cool so i wanted to hear other peoples ideas, ill start.

    Some minor guidelines, nothing stupid like "this ability fires a nuke that kills everyone in the game" present a reason for making this ability, who the ability is for, talent, glyph, spec specific ect, and try to make it balanced.I always felt that the shields mechanic of shamans was a cool idea but they like stopped it halfway and made it gimmicky.

    Ability name : Protection of the Elements. Cooldown 2min, Duration 15 seconds, Enhances your elemental shields into more potent versions.

    Lightning shield: Turns into Thundershield. Thundershield: Increases the damage done by lightning shield when struck by 150%, Activates upon each hit. When the effect is triggered a lightning bolt is discharged at the target equal to 80% of lightning bolts damage. But has a 7% chance to backfire causing the shaman to take the lightning bolt instead.

    Water shield: Turns into Water Aegis, Engulfs the shaman completely in a protective water barrier the amount of mana recovered is doubled, when struck the water absorbs much of the initial inpact, decreasing physical damage taken by 60%. When the effect ends, the shaman takes all of the damage that was negated over 30 seconds.

    Earth Shield: Volcanic Shield, The shamans earth shield erupts, covering the target in a molten volcanic shield. When active, the target takes an additional 10% healing from the shaman and does 40% of their damage as fire damage and puts a dot on any enemy it hits for 5% of the damage done. But takes 4% of their health every second.

    Thunder shield is meant to be a defensive/offensive cd similar to that of touch of karma where it penalizes the person for tunneling the shaman.

    Water Aegis is intended to be a sort of instant gratification, you can regen some mana while being trained but you pay for it later on.

    Volcanic shield is meant to put forth more pressure but at a decent cost.

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    Divine Intervention:
    Instant cast, 10 minutes cooldown and 40 yards range.
    The paladin sacrifices <himself/herself> to remove the targeted party member from harm's way. Enemies will stop attacking the protected party member, who will be immune to all harmful attacks but will not be able to take any action for 3 min.


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