So yeah I need a new headset since the cord in my current ones Razer Orca is getting loose and makeing the sound from the left speakers shut down from time to time.

So I'm asking for recommendations for new ones, if you have any to recommend please name them and write somthing short about why you like them.
My friends have been recommending the Sennheiser PC 360, but I want to ask for more opinons.

Other headsets I've had in the past are.
Creative Fatal1ty, well theya re less superior to the once I have now
SteelSeries Siberia, these have good sound in them but since I have glasses they press down on the frames it start to hurt behind the ears after a shot period of time.

Thanks beforehand!

Cheers Miidori

EDIT* I'm gona sue them for gaming and music, I'm a metal fan incase you are wondering.