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    Dragon license for alts.

    My first alt is almost 90 and I'am curious to know do I need to get exalted rep with Order of the Cloud Serpent with him to allow him to fly my MoP dragon mount that my main has?
    Is the dragon license rep only or if another one of your toons already has it can you purchase another license from somewhere instead of having to do dailies all over again.
    I have got the 100% rep token but the idea of doing those dailies again....well I'd rather not.

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    The starting quests got me half way into revered with the 100% bonus. 3 days of dailies to get exalted after that.

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    Yep. Gotta do them on every toon that hits 90 if you want to use those mounts. Kind of annoying but quick and easy right now. Hopefully they remove this requirement in the next xpack though.

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    Nope you gotta do them on every character if you want to use the cloud serpents.
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    Ta guys, not happy Jan ;(

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