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    Removing scorch logic

    they say they want to remove scorch WTF. "Not every spec has to be able to dps while on movement.
    Lets take a look to every ranged spec in the game:
    Warlocks: All three specs can do 100% dps on movement
    Hunters: All three specs can do almost 100% dps on movement
    Balance druid: Not too movement-friendly.
    Shadow priest: Not too movement-friendly
    Elemental Shaman:Presented as an example of "doing a lot of damage on the move"

    So with 10 non-mage ranged specs in the game, 7/10 are movement-friendly. Mages have 3 specs, only fire out of them is somewhat viable on movement, because frost is not even raid-viable and arcane is a freaking turret, one of the most unconvenient specs on movement fights.
    And they claim that removing scorch would be a good idea. Particulary funny, when fire gets closer to arcane in movement fights just because of that. The blue poster was acting as if scorch didnt maintain ignite or didnt proc pyroblast, otherwise they wouldnt say this: "Scorch preempts all of those tools and has the added psychological benefit of feeling like you’re always doing something, and because of that feeling of being productive, we’re concerned you have less motivation to minimize movement. Mathematically, if you’re making full use of your available tools without Scorch, Scorch isn’t much of a benefit of all". Minimizing movement is something that every class should aim to in order to maximize dps (oh wait except the privileged hunters and locks who can dps on movement). Acting as if all mages where overmoving and losing dps thanks to scorch... i dont even know what to say.

    I know mages needed some nerfs, but sincerelly this is getting stupid. It almost looks as if mage-logic for nerfing was biased. If they remove scorch and the fire blast change goes live (where fire blast doesnt make frost bomb explode and doesnt propagate living bomb) fire is getting its final nail in the coffin.
    Its funny how mages get nerfed so hard while top dps classes are nerfed by 3% damage (lock changes) and some classes get movement free dps recently like hunters and they think about forcing the only movement-friendly spec of mages to another turret.
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    Please be so kind and keep the conversation on 5.2. in the dedicated thread.

    Also bear in mind that the current suggestion is to make Scorch a baseline spell for Fire only, not removing it completely.

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