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    Dread Wastes and Jade Forest for me.
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    As a warlock, allow me to be the first to say that I get tremendous amounts of joy from watching fear pathing take you to Africa.
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    Kun-Lai Summit. It just seemed so... diverse and big and damn gorgeous.
    It's somewhat overwhelming to quests through, mainly due it's size I guess, but dayum is it nice to look at. One day I just... flied over it back and forth just looking at it. And found Through the Looking Glass easter egg I had not known about

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    I hate them all equally
    I would say this aswell But if I had to choose I would go for Jade forest Liked all the introduction to panda land

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    Jade Forest.
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    Kun Lai on ultra settings actually took my breath away when I first went through it.

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    Dread wastes. Only thing i dislike about it is that you have to do the whole zone to get to 90, but i really loved the klaxxi storyline. Kunlai summit is a close second, the questchain where lei shen gets ressurected was awesome.

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    Dread waste least amount of pandas!

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    Well I liked the Klaxxi but the quest design of Dread Wastes is like taking the wayback machine all the way to Vanilla, just horrible.

    I thought Jade Forest was probably the most visually attractive. I quite liked Valley of the Four Winds too but spending so much time on my farm made me a bit sick of it :P
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    Jade Forest was really amazing. I absolutely surprised how well the zone was designed. Everything seemed so detailed and intricate. It reminded me of what I saw when I first went through the zones in vanilla. It definitely brought Pandaria to life for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    I hate them all equally
    Well aren't you a bundle of joy...

    OT: Kun Lai Summit. I fucking love that zone.
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    Jade Forest for questing, really nicely done introduction to Pandaria.
    also love trees in Kasarang Wilds, and snowy part of Kun Lai Summit.
    Dread Wastes look really awesome but I hate questing there.
    I spend most time in Halfhill now. (when not raiding)

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    I'll be honest, None of them. Sorry Blizzard.

    The Jade Forest was a jungle where we were sent to the four corners of the map helping people trim their shrubs and gather oranges.
    The Trees covered most of the landscape and Aside from meeting "Sam the Wise" later (which was epic by the way) there was not as much intrigue as most of the Wrath zones.

    I could go on but I'll just get to the point of what made Wrath and some of Cataclysm zones really pop out as my favorites.

    The giant central landmark/s in the map that was a clue to a greater mystery. Grizzly hills may have just been a forest untill you see the Giant World Tree broken in half. The Netherstorm wasn't even in space but a chaotic nebula like region of Outland flooded with Arcane energy. Vashj'ir was a work of art never equaled in my opinion.

    The central figures in all of the Pandaria maps are always temples which only have two floors. The heartland was full of farmland...FARMLAND!. Even the darker Mantid empire where the Sha of Fear's power was seen at its potential was still very tame compared to the Fell Volcano of Shadowmoon Valley or even the exploding landscape of the Twilight Highlands.

    I will say that the muddy black landscape of the new leveling zone kinda depresses me as much as a Michigan in November. Cold and wet with dead trees everywhere. I still have to see the Isle of Giants and the rest of the Raid in person/character to form any reasonable opinion though. An evil fortress tempered by lightning rods does have great potential afterall.

    If 4.3 brings anything new I hope it is something to brings back the "WOW" to Wow.

    EDIT: To be fair the detail was very beautiful and the landscape was very serene. It just didn't really make me feel like it needed to be saved as much as the previous expansions.
    And yes I know... thats the point. We are the evil invaders here to learn a lesson about ourselves.
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    For leveling - Jade Forest
    For scenery - Krasarang Wilds

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    Kung-lai. The views especially with the mountains, as well as it has "Way of the Monk" playing in a lot of places, pure epic sauce.
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    Kun-Lai followed by Krasarang Wilds.

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    Questing : None,i have no intention of trolling but i hated the questing in MoP.

    Looks : Krasarang Wilds , Kun-Lai ( only the mountain area )

    Rest of them are lame.

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    Jade Forest for me.
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    1. Krasarang Wilds
    2. Dread Wastes
    3. none

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    After leveling six characters to 90, all of the zones are becoming quite tedious now.

    If I was pushed to pick a favourite it would probably be Kun Lai. It seems to have more diversity in it with the mountains and the little village by the sea.

    My least favourite is Jade Forest. I now try and do things such as PvP and dungeons to try and skip it completely.

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    Kun Lai. The zone itself is awesome. Love the whole Lorewalker Cho questline too (coming from a guy who doesnt care about lore and quests in general), but that questline was engaging.

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