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    Issues with 5.1 sound system

    Os: Windows 8 64 bit
    Speakers: Logitech x-530
    Mainboard: ga-x38-ds5 with realtek hd audio (7.1)

    The problem is that the left front speaker wont work.
    It did work as i used windows 7 but there i used a normal sound card (aureon 5.1 pci)
    There are drivers for the card on the manufacterers website which are for windows 8 but i cant install them because the installtion just stops with no error (tried adminmode) so i just plugged the speakers to my onboard soundcard.

    i installed the latest realtek hd audio driver for windows 8 but oddly in the realtek software i only manage to get the rears speakers work if i choose 7.1 instead of 5.1
    since its color coded im quite sure i got the plugs right and also tried other combination which didnt work.

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    Did you get the latest realtek drivers from realtek or gigabytes website? I ask this because I was experiencing a graphical problem with my intel hd graphics on the htpc and the version Gigabyte had was slightly out of date.
    Also might wanna try swapping the rear channel inputs with something else.(usually the black one)
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    I did get it from the realtek site, because the gigabyte version is outdated.
    and yeah tried swapping but then the speakers just get mixed up, and the left one still doesnt work.

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    Just as a side note, in 5.1, the 'rear' speakers are counted as 'side' speakers on a lot of soundcards and playback the same effects as if they were rear speakers.

    If you plug them into the side speaker outputs, in the playback audio devices control panel, you should be able to go into Properties for the onboard soundcard and choose 'configure speakers', which should allow you to set the side outputs as rear sound effects outputs.

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    Few more things to check:

    Check speaker volume sliders for each speaker via the speaker icon on the task tray, you might need to click some advanced setting option to get find it.

    Check that Control Panel->Sound & Audio->Advanced->Speaker setup is correct (5.1 or 7.1).

    In the driver UI there should be a reset to default option.

    CMSS 3D mode should be off to avoid centre speaker issues, unless you want it on.

    Turn off any EAX sound effects.

    Check you haven't accidentally turned an individual speakers' volume down on the speaker system itself, some systems have a rear speaker volume dial inside the main dial for example.

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    So i just tried to use my headset for the sound since i just wanted to hear the quality (i normaly hear teamspeak on normal speakers too and just use it for the mic) and guess what? my speakers for sure arent broken, because there the issue is exatly the same. i can only hear on the right speaker of my headset. switing to stereo sound while my headset is plugged in doesnt solve the issue and because there is just 1 plug for the sound on my headset im totally sure i plugged it in right.
    at least im not too dumb for that.
    any additonal ideas are very much appreciated

    edit: now im utterly confused. so i looked at the windows 8 driver installtion for my other soundcard again and noticed something very confusing. when i start the setup there pops up an eula for the curse client Oo
    so i uninstalled the curse client and guess what? it starts the curse client setup program when i start the driver setup program for my soundcard. at the same time windows tells me there are comaptibily issues on the driver setup... what the hell?

    alright no wonder i was confused. Somehow the curse client setup i still had in my downloads folder on my pc managed to interfere with the
    setup of the drivers. now that i managed to install the windows 8 drivers everything works again as it should...
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