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    Quote Originally Posted by Teeruk View Post
    Kegel exercises will while sitting at your desk all day should be beneficial to your physical health
    I was addressing the electrical stimulation idea. Do you do electrically induced Kegels?

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    One simple rule: no snacking while playing. Works for me, I have no desire to sit at the dinner table eating chips, and if I really want my treat, I eat a lot less at a time. If I bring snacks to the computer, I'll eat a whole bag without even noticing. And since treats aren't completely forbidden, it's easy to stick to.

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    Eat 2000 calories 5 days a week and 2 days only eat 500 calories.
    If you win a game of LoL, do 5 pressups/10 situps. If you lose a game of LoL, do 15 pressups/25 situps.

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    It is possible to lose weight by eating healthier food but due to the circumstances by sitting more than 8 hours a day the process will be long borring and depressing. The amount of food you'll need to intake should be under the maximum calorie you need per day to cut off any kind of weight. However I would strongly recommend you to do some activities or sports to speed up the process. A little walk each day will do it.
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    ppl really should learn that exersice arent for evryone but if you are gonna live like the life oyu do now you have to manage your intake dont eat more then you burn and as many already said drink water if you get hungry to make it go away for a while you dont need to run and all that shit to be in decent shape deppending what decent is from your point of view. Most ppl here probly talk out of there asses and dont do it themself just demand others to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    150-200 tomatoes....
    I'd mix it up with cucumbers here and there.

    I've lost 20 kgs over the past 4½ months with a 45 min swim once a week and a regulation of my food intake. But you could lose weight without the exercise, cut out sugary drinks, sugar in general, and as much salt as you can. It's obviously not completely unavoidable, but if you put your mind to it, it's entirely possible. I don't know how overweight you are (if you are), but the best tip I could give you is talk to a physician about it. They'll no doubt ask you to exercise though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weirdbear View Post
    I would cut down on the amount of playing and sitting. Go for a walk.
    Obesity cant be hindered through diet alone. You need exercise.
    Actuallly it can...Depends on cause obviously but it can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weirdbear View Post
    Sure, you can lose weight by diet alone. But as soon as you've quit the diet the weight will find its way back.
    I think we're talking about a permanent diet change here, rather than a "weight watchers' diet" or whatever (diet kinda has a dual meaning). And still that's not entirely true - to lose weight you need to eat less than you consume, to keep your weight where it's at you need to eat the same amount you consume. So once you stop your diet you can and should bounce back to eating a little more, just not in excess.

    Anyway low carb diets seem to do the trick for a lot of people. Pasta, potatoes, breads, etc. are a pretty useless nutrient-wise but provide a lot of energy. I know my weight just plummets if I go on a meat & salad diet.

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    "eat once a day"
    "eat 500 calories"
    "food wont make you lose weight"
    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Now, heres something that I would suggest to OP. This has worked for me.

    First of all, its lifestyle change. Dont take it as diet. Thats pretty basic thing already and I hope I dont have to remind you of that next year or so

    Secondly, it is possible to lose weight by doing "gamer" way. However it might be slow to lose weight. But are you in "hurry" to lose it? No? Then sure, go ahead. Its all about healthy choices first and foremost, remember that.

    Problem with that lifestyle is that you sit around way too much. Some studies show that sitting does same thing to our bodies as sleeping, it slows our metabolism down and other things. Some doctors even use bit sensationalist words like "sitting around all day is killing us". Sitting = bad. Dont sit around long periods of time, thats how you get fat to belly - or should I say the "hoop" around your chest rather than lets say arms.
    You will lose weight, but you will look "skinny fat" and possibly wont lose that hoop around chest quite easily (unless its small)

    Heres what you will do.

    -Ditch and replace all junkfood and soda, if you do any. You dont need these. You may eat them on "cheat days" but more of that later on the list.

    -Water, lots of water. Buy sports-bottle or use old bottles that are empty. Fill it up with water and have that next to you while playing. Everytime you die on LoL, be on loading screen, win/lose game take drink.
    Everytime you wipe on wow, listen to tactics before boss you know tactics of, when you die for whatever reason(pvp/pve), when you finish daily hub..take a sip. Soon it will become habit - good habit. 1-2L is good for one day. 5l is bit excessive and can be dangerous if done often (unless in summer while excersin)..

    -Replace junkfoods, processed food, sodas with good stuff. The taste depends but generally for example Milk is good drink (dont know about usa version tho, I heard its not the best?)
    Lean meats(avoid "red meat", more than once a week aint the best according to some suggestions),
    5-7 vegetables/fruits a day,
    good carps,
    good fats are important as well - dont go low fat diet its counter-productive (I know it sounds weird at start that you need fats to lose fats). But stay away from bad fats (generally ones that they use in junkfood - depending on places..but this is no excuse to get deep fried french fries because they got fats ).
    I will find image for you that is fancy chart, but before that - watch this about carbs:

    -If you want to lose weight then go calorie deficit. Good rule might be ~1700 a day to keep body functioning.

    -Also, walk around. 30 minutes a day is enough. Trust me.

    -After all that, you can increase the walking if you feel like it.

    -Cheat day: if you want to lose weight - cheat day is generally good idea. Some do it once a week, some do it every 2 weeks. Thats when you eat more calories than other days and generally its day when you either
    1) Continue eating healthy stuff or
    2) Eat those things you craved - just dont fall into those again. Its meant to be something you will stop eventually, its just "I like ice cream so I will eat some, then get back".
    Its not just price of going thro 2 weeks, it supposedly resets your body after being on calorie deficit for so "long".

    Benefits of good diet and exercise for gamers:
    More stamina
    More focus
    Brain works faster when it has gotten some air
    Maybe faster movements (due stamina, you wont get all dizzy and move mouse slower etc..)

    So I would totally suggest it to everyone.

    Some images
    Good carbs vs bad:
    Foods that boost metabolism:
    Dehydration levels:
    Charts about fats:


    If you have smartphone, data plan and good GPS use this program:
    As gamer, that was HUGE push for me to start walking. I love to see numbers and data as I go and as I stop walking. Getting more and more "points"(calories burned) is pretty effective way to get you do more. At least it did for me.

    If you live in US/UK the site that you can use to count calories is
    Its free and has most of the foods US/UK has (I'm sure there are free versions on your own language if you dont live in us or uk). The deficit number is pretty low however. As I said before, 1700-1800 is ok.

    (work in progress will edit over time)
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    Gotta love not having to worry about diet or exercise...If only I knew what your troubles were I might be able to give a useful answer

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    Instead of playing for 8 hours, use the couple hours of that to exercise. Go for a walk at evening, do some simple workout at morning in your own home.

    If you drink a lot Coca-Cola etc (or even if you don't) try to drink more water instead. Water ftw. Really.

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    Obviously diet is good as people are saying, but you shouldn't really be sitting still for 10 hours at a time like that. You should try to be more active. You'd do we'll to exercise too.

    I'm not giving specifics since you didn't really give details about yourself. If you're serious about weight loss make a thread in Sports and Fitness with your weight, age, height, and what your goals are.

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    Eat like Kripp. While he haven't said hes vegan (Or has he?) it seems like he is.

    Banan's and nuts is what he showed before :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woebegone View Post
    Anyway low carb diets seem to do the trick for a lot of people. Pasta, potatoes, breads, etc. are a pretty useless nutrient-wise but provide a lot of energy. I know my weight just plummets if I go on a meat & salad diet.

    You can almost survive off potatoes and nothing else, you can hardly call them useless nutrient wise. Most of the health issues come from what people do to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Drop down to one meal a day.

    You'll be hungry. Deal with it.
    As far as I know, that's actually a bad idea. Your body's metabilsm will get used to only having one big meal a day and store more fat so it can keep longer between meals. That's why most people go for the many, but small, meals a day.

    OT: OP, I've lost quite a bit of weight (give or take 5 stone, 70lbs for you Americans) from simply changing my diet, with barely any exercise at all. Don't think of it as a diet, more of a life-style change.

    • Less fizzy drinks (e.g. Coke)
    • Less alcohol (even I don't stick to that one though!)
    • Quit eating junk, luckily for me I actually love salads - to the amazement of people who say Salad-dodger, heh.
    • Cut down your meal portions and snacking; as mentioned above though, you can eat more portions of lesser size.
    • Depends on your habits, but my killer was mostly bread and cheese, with basically anything. I cut cheese out besides the odd bit of stronger cheese as it goes further, and less bread.

    Remember this is LESS of, you don't have to completely stop eating pizzas or whatever, you can treat yourself. And of course, any exercise you do will help. Waiting for a dungeon or LFR? Do a few sit-ups, walk up and down the stairs or something whilst you wait. Nothing major.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaozu View Post
    That's a load of bullshit... If you watch what you eat you can easily stay in shape without ever exercising. Exercising is great for a lot of other reasons such as feeling better both physically and mentally, allows you to eat more, and puts you in better shape, but you won't necessarily gain weight just because you don't exercise. Your body burns X amount of energy every day just by being alive, if you don't eat any more than that you won't have any excessive energy to put on.

    Granted, if you don't work out you won't be able to eat as much snacks or other unhealthy food.
    You can't stay in "shape", without exercising.

    If you eat proper, you will just be healthy in that way (Not fat etc, full of the right vitamins).

    But you won't be in better shape, because thats directly impacted by exercising (While having a proper diet)

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    Well, one thing you could try is exercise between matches for games that have them. I used to be in the military, and at one point I wasn't passing the physical fitness test. So, when I'd play counter-strike source, team fortress 2, or any other similar match-based game on off-time, I would do exercises between matches (on map changes). I'd also turn it into a game with myself to get better at the game at hand. I'd switch between exercises, but basically if I wasn't top kills, I would take their kills and subtract mine, then use that as a number of reps for the chosen exercise. It doesn't have to be every day, or every gaming session, but it does help. Harder to do with MMO's, but you could figure something out if you get creative.

    There's a lot of other great advice here, but one of the main things aside from nutritional advice is to make sure you get your heart pumping above around 120 bpm for about 20 minutes 3x minimum a week.

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    Go outside and do some exercise, doesn't matter what you eat, eventually you will be one fat, unhealthy, out of shape mfer after sitting for 10 hours a day doing nothing. Not to mention it will mess up your posture and possibly cause circulation problems.

    Join a gym and spend 1 hour out of that 10 going there to do some cardio and get the blood flowing, or go for a long walk/jog around where you live. Don't eat too much junk food and see it as a treat every 2 weeks or so rather than a regular meal. Just the basic stuff but I hope you know how bad 10 hour a day gaming sessions with no exercise is for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    Now, heres something that I would suggest to OP. This has worked for me.

    First of all, its lifestyle change. Dont take it as diet. Thats pretty basic thing already and I hope I dont have to remind you of that next year or so
    I'm going to heartily recommend this post. Not only is Iceleaf correct on all points, he's thorough enough that you could build an entire diet plan around that one post.

    The only quibble I have is that drinking a lot of milk isn't a particularly good idea. Not that it's suggested there, but it's worth mentioning in case someone reading gets the wrong idea. Almond milk is fantastic for shakes by the way.

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    I think it's impossible to stay fit and healthy by staying on the computer 10 hours a day without any exercise.

    But if you still have no desire to exercise I suggest LOTS of water and fruits.

    Morning : Cereal with lot fat-milk or eggs with some juice thats concentrated.

    Noon: Brown bread with something like ham or tuna.

    Afternoon: Yoghurt with something on, like nuts and honey.

    Dinner : Patato is always good with some meat and vegetables.

    Just add water or low-fat milk to every meal if desired.
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