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    Exclamation Blizzard 2012 Q4, what do You expect?

    What do You think, is the player base over or under 10 million?
    This result and the Q1 result will be really important in the history of WoW.

    Activision Blizzard 2012 Q4 results will be announced tomorrow (Thursday, February 7, 2013), as usual they will host a conference call that will be broadcast over the Internet.
    You will be able to listen to the broadcast here.
    But I assume all the important information will be on the front page of mmo-champion and all other fansites immediatelly...

    Please keep the thread in a civilized manner.
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    my call: 10.3 million

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    I'm guessing this is just from a financial and amount of players dealy ? :S I'm waiting for the next expansion to be named already! but that probably won't be until blizzcon

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    I don't have a clue about the current state of WoW, but I'd be greatly surprised if Blizzard has been able to turn the downward trend around for this long. My guess would be a fairly significant loss, but with the caveat that it is a rather uninformed guess, based mostly on instinct, activity numbers and previous experience.

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    8 million. All of the annual passes should have run out by the time they would be calculating numbers. Still a juggernaut, just continuing to lose steam.

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    A minor decrease in the number of subs.

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    so, they announce 10mil without MoP subs in China ( i'm not saying it's without China, I'm saying first conference call didn't include people that have returned cause of MoP in China). And you really think they lost more subs in 3 months then in all of the Cataclysm?

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    So, a lot of new features have turned many a player off without being visually distinctive enough to draw many new people in. I'm obviously not certain, but I would lay reasonable money on slight to moderate losses for subscriber count.

    We also have every single major 3rd party tool suggesting decline, as well.
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    I say its probably around 8-9 million. Probably closer to 9 mil. My friends list is literally empty at peak hours on a "full" server.

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    I expect still an increase since there's still the momentum from launching the expansion, remember this quarter ended on 31st december.

    I don't see it going much 10 million anymore. Not this expansion at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    My friends list is literally empty at peak hours on a "full" server.
    I play on a medium pop server and it is bustling.

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    I hope for steady 10M

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    7.8 Million.

    WoW is on its way out.

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    I don't think it will be 10mil anymore, i'd imagine 8-9 at most.

    Most of my guildies left in cata and still havn't come back, and I feel the server in general is emptyier than it used to be.

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    Well the good news is that its a lot easier to get into wow for new players than it was at the begining of Cata, at the beginning of Cata it was 120+ dollars to get in the door. If you are loosing veteran subscibers due to (among many things) burnout then the only path to survival is to bring in new players and most young people don't have 120 bucks to blow on an mmo that is 8 years old.

    Now you can play any race straight out of the starter box which is cheap and comes with vanilla, BC and Wrath, the costs of Cata have been seriously discounted and they keep putting up real cheap sales from time to time. Not to mention there is a F2P for trying the game, I think they have taken adequate steps to keep from bleeding to death by making it easier to get new blood into the game.

    I expect a minor loss in subscriptions.

    Frankly it does not matter to me what the subscriptions are as I will continue to play regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moremana View Post
    7.8 Million.

    WoW is on its way out.
    Cuz so many competitors also have 7 million subs!

    OT: Either the high 9 millions or a bit over 10 million.

    It was the holiday season, but Annual Pass ran out, and some people don't like Mists after trying it.
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    8 mil. Game is definitely declining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    I say its probably around 8-9 million. Probably closer to 9 mil. My friends list is literally empty at peak hours on a "full" server.
    Possibility exists that people simply removed you from their friends list.

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    Id say around 9 mill, but even if it would be so low as 7mill Blizz still makes alot of money on this game that is 8 years old. Have any of the competitors even been close to those numbers? Even the ones that have lowered prices or even gone F2P?

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-Swizzle-I View Post
    Possibility exists that people simply removed you from their friends list.
    I want to throw a jab in here but I am afraid I will get banned. I havent noticed any difference in qeue times or guild activity since Cata, if anything activity has gone up. Terrace of endless springs has finally droped from 1 hour 10 mins to 33 min qeue, which is about as good as the qeue for a LFR DPS gets for the top LFR raid.

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