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    How viable do you see MMS (mage/monk/shaman) being?

    Shaman being resto, monk WW? Want to give this comp a try just dont know its viability.

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    Why not try it and find out?

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    Monk healer, enhance shaman?

    Sure, why not?
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    I should have clarified a bit better, in 5.2 would this comp be viable. We will run it regardless, just wanted some peoples opinions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifie View Post
    Why not try it and find out?
    He clearly said that he is interested in this comp which means that he will probably play it... Are you stupid perhaps? He justs wants some information... Personally I don't think the comp is very strong right now, maybe next patch. As long as you both peel for the shaman when he needs help I think it will be fine becuase you have a tremendous amount of CC.

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    Make a list of pros and cons briefly and see what you come up with.

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    i think the rogue and a dps monk would run into a lot of DR clash with each other, might make controlling teams a little tricky since you are constantly waiting for something to come off stun DR.

    MW/enhance/rogue i think has potential though. a lot of nasty burst, a lot of damage from range for a cleave team, decent mobility and decent control.
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