Alpha Omega is currently recruiting 1 tank and 1 dps to bolster our raiding team. We are primiraly looking for either a Warrior or Dk tank and either a DK, Hunter or Enh. Shaman dps, but if you're a different spec then those mentioned but still think we could be a great match, don't hesitate to apply!

are a mature and friendly 10 man raiding guild on Kilrogg EU. We are an English speaking guild with players from The Netherlands, Scandinavia and the UK. Our current progress in ToT is 4/12 norm. Alpha Omega is as stable as a guild can get, with a good part of our raiding team already raiding together since Blackwing Lair under the Alpha Omega tag. We raid on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 19.30 to 22.30.

are a mature, friendly and skilled player with proper gear and raiding experience. Whilest all that is important, we think dediction and love for the game is mandatory, if not the most important recruiting factor. And furthermore, You understand that team-progress is more important then any individual goal.

If you think you are the player we are looking for, we would love to see your application on our website http://www.ao-guild.co.uk. You can also contact me through Skype on 'lassietoverrijst', or whisper or mail me ingame on Deseri.