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    Question <RET> IS Raiding on a Retribution Paladin Worth It?

    Raiding, on a Retribution Paladin.
    Is it worth it?

    Back in Cataclysm, my main was a Ret Pally. I loved my Ret, did substantial dps and I did very well in raiding environments. Then, MoP hit and basically we're one of the weakest classes in the game DPS wise. Or, as I've heard. And seen. (simulationcraft)

    After MoP hit and my class got weak, I took a break from it. Leveled a BDK. And as much as I like my overpowered DK, I miss raiding on my Ret, and I'd really like to go back to it. So, my question for you all is- is it worth it? and, is there anyone who is an experienced Ret raider in MoP that could help me out by linking their armory/giving tips? Whatever I could get would be greatly- GREATLY appreciated.

    That's all for this thread, please help me out. Thanks.

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    I'm not sure what to tell you other than "rets are fine".
    They really are, not the greatest DPS spec at the moment, but competative if played correctly. If i played a ret paladin for my main i would't be particularly upset with where they are at.

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    Yes, Retribution Paladin is worth it because it does a good amount of contribution to the progression of your raid. Done.

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    It's worth it if you're having fun. If you're only wanting to top the meter(like top WoLs) then I'd go with a better class.
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    Ret is fine right now. While their sustained could do with being a bit better, they have pretty fucking insane burst to make up for it. Paladins as a whole are in a pretty good place atm PvE wise.
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    Ret was alot worse in Cata than it is now. Talking from progression point of view of course. Tier11 = hand of light proc mastery (divine purpose) + overall very shit sustained (fixed by stupid devs way too late), tier12 = same boat (some dumbass censure fix way too late again). Tier13 was Okish but ye way too tenticlish....

    Verdict : Ret was carried by 3.80 weapons in cata, now it works just needs some minor number tweaks and maybe AoE capability. That's PvE shit only but I guess ya asked about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurushockin View Post
    It's worth it if you're having fun. If you're only wanting to top the meter then I'd go with a better class.
    But.... http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/6...um/damageDone/

    Back to the topic. While a lot of people are.... negative about rets in general (PvP, RBGs arena etc etc.) they're in a nice spot and are in my opinion nicely balanced PvE wise this tier (Maybe even better next tier with Magic dispell back in business through Sac and SoR potentially being buffed).

    The most important question is: Do you enjoy ret? I mean the playstyle is definitely a decent step up from the Cata playstyle and I definitely enjoy it

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    I'm currently geared in a full set of LFR gear with hit cap, expertise softcap, 12.35% haste, 28.4K AP, 8.61% Crit and 21.53% Mastery (unbuffed). Throughout most of the LFR content, I'll be pulling 55-70K DPS (dependant on boss fight and gimmicks - manage closer to 105K on Elegon for example) and sitting somewhere in the top 7 of the group. I'm certainly not the most experienced ret, and I've not theorycrafted or min/maxed in any way, but I wouldn't say we're particularly weak at the level of content I'm doing. To put it into perspective, it's not uncommon for my Inquisition to drop off (since I don't track it with a mod - perhaps that would give me an advantage).

    It's probably a different story in normal and heroic modes. I will agree with those that say Ret is extremely strong at burst, but rather bad at sustained damage, but we've also got one of the nicest 'rotations'. With cooldowns up, it's not difficult for me to break 120, even 130K single target without boss gimmicks.

    I was a tank for many years, and because of that, I tend to offtank the adds on fights like LFR Will of the Emperor - makes more sense for me to pop up Righteous Fury and do the dancing to avoid the stun than letting a clothie take it into the raid, get the healers stunned, and our entire melee getting wiped out from the boss cleaves (or letting another melee who's too stupid to know what's causing the stun take it and get 8 other people stunned). Perhaps that's not relevant, but it does show that outside of focused raids, it's often not that difficult to stop other DPS or healers dying by sacrificing some of your DPS in order to offtank (to run and pick up the add).

    Another advantage is that as Ret, I can manage to do a rather nice amount of healing on Tsulong. Eternal Flame benefits from Sun Breath even AFTER it's worn off of you (provided you cast it while you had the buff up of course). For example, each of my ticks can pull 45K healing each. This is probably one case where EF pulls out ahead by a massive amount (but then again, that's only if you're actually choosing to spend your HP on healing him). Add in Execution Sentence along with a Flash of Light, and you'll probably end up with around 6M healing done to Tsulong by the end of the fight. Watching timers is critical to pull it off properly, and precasting FoL just before Sun Breath hits makes it easier. Obviously, you're not a healer, but you can help push the fight along to the end a little quicker in both phases instead of just in the DPS phase. And yeah, before you ask, Lay on Hands does NOT work on him.

    The only fight I really despise as Ret is Lei Shi, simply because of 'Hide' and our lack of on-demand AOE (aside from LH which I only use on this fight). I tend to find myself on 2HP and unable to do a DS. It's only a short time she's hiding of course, but you're still sat around waiting.

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    "Should I play X" threads are rarely constructive because there is not much discussion to be had. Just play what you want to play, as far as I know, no class in WoW is so bad at raiding that you should avoid that class. Closing.


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