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    Elemental Heroic Zor'lok 10M

    Hi guys,

    We had an awful night on Vizier Zor'lok tonight, and I can't help but feel responsible. No matter how I try to shuffle my talents, I can't seem to crack 75-78k DPS, which is appalling. The people around me are pulling 20-30k more than me (granted, they are 10 ilvls higher than me too). I'm closer to our Guardian Tank than our second DPS. Yeah...

    I've had my best tries with EB/EotE. There's no real rocket science to it: I pop my burst at the start (we save BL for phase 2 burn), proceed to pop my Bloodfury the second time it comes off CD (which lines up with our Bloodlust). The only real problem I have is that Ascendance comes back off CD after I swap from Attenuation to Convert platform (we ranged swap on the first attenuation of the Echo). If I use it here, this means I won't have it when we pop BL on the phase 2 transition. If I don't use it here, I do have it up for BL (obviously). My reasoning for using it was that I could squeeze in Ascendance 3 times if I used it more or less on CD. If I wait until our Bloodlust, I can only have 2 (but one amplified with BL).

    I'll look to provide logs if they get uploaded (I did not record). I would like to believe it's more or less a matter of gear + the specific fight, but I feel like I should be doing more DPS than I am now. Right now I simply feel like a burden on progression.
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    We just did this fight the other night, my average was 74.5k deeps. Now, I'm not the best, but I would say I'm average (use to play enhance for 2 expansions). I sometimes feel that I am a burden on progression as well, most of the time I am only beating our tanks in damage done. Hard to be competitive when you're up against the 3 top dps specs as well. For this fight, I use ascendance at the start and as soon as we enter phase 2, its up earlier, but i feel it would be wasted on the convert platform trying to break people out, or being converted myself.

    It wont let me post links yet, but we are Alt Guild of US-Norgannon if you want to check out our logs.

    My armory is Wildfox of US-Norgannon if you care to compare.

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    Judging from logs i did 91k dps on Imperial this week and still messed up quiet a few things i believe, never got mind controlled though. I used the same talents as you.
    I got 8 ilvls higher then you, and 4 set so that's ofcourse a big thing. We wait with bloodlust until echo spawn, so i can always get in 3 ascendances and the last one with BL. I would still think it's better to get 3 uses of ascendance and none with BL then loosing a full use of it for ~5 extra lavabursts during the cast.

    Make sure you use spiritwalkers grace during attenuations and if you don't have it up still dps all the time while running.
    Not many more tips, we aren't that good on this fight like you said, but most classes suffers from the movement. Goodluck and i hope it goes better next time!

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    Not sure what wrong with your dps, i am doing a bit more than 100k on this Encounter however there's a 20Ilvl difference here.

    Lastly, Zor'lok isn't an actual Dps Check, it's just "Survive the fucking Attenuation" mostly.

    But i think you could refine your Reforge, 0.28 hit is a bit much.
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    - Use Ascendance on CD. You won't have it for BL, but it'll be up again shortly after the first FnV after the last phase begins. Just SWG shortly before and dance while spamming LvB.

    - EB/EotE is fine.

    - Your DPS isn't that bad. If you're comparing yourself to Mages and Warlocks, don't even bother. You can't multidot and though you're mobile, you're limited to the positioning of the boss which isn't always ideal for us. I'd say 80k is a good parse for your gear, so keep doing what you're doing. As others have mentioned, it's not a DPS check so much as it is a Do You Die to Stupid? check.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I know it's not really a playstyle problem: I've played this toon for the past 8 years and Elemental isn't exactly hard either.

    Our DPS are Hunter, Mage, Frost DK, Rogue and me (and WW Monk on 2 Healer fights). I'm looking more at our Frost DK as a, sort of, point of reference.

    Anyway, I'm convinced it's more a gear thing. 10 iLvls and especially some pieces that allow me to dump crit in favour of more mastery should do the trick of, at least, being competitive with other Shaman.

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    If you have a log maybe we'll be able to see what's wrong.

    One question though : are you killing the echo in P4 ? Seems like you're not killing so :
    - EB/EtoE is the best IMO for this fight
    - Use Ascendance when it comes off CD, it doesn't really matter if you can sync it with BL or not
    - You should also use your second potion during BL (normally your FET will be up for P4 so it benefits from both BL and the pot)
    - try to cast as many LB and instant LvB when dodging the Attenuation but the top priority is to survive

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    We are indeed not killing the Echo. I think that Echo placement is our biggest concern though. Good to hear it's not as much about DPS, as it is about surviving the bad stuff.

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    25hc im usually around 105k dps, i find unless our dps is exceptionally high i can get a full ascendance off on the first echo of attenuation which i where we have a lot of people pop 3 minute cds before he does attenuation and we move to the 3rd platform this lowers the chances anyone dies to the echo and makes breaking converts easier.
    it's not up for bloodlust but thats fine i generally use it in p4 when force and verve comes with ancestral guidance to help the healing.

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