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    Smallest possible case/build (with specifics)

    After a fairly serious think on this one. Smallest possible build/setup with full sized GPU and a 2nd 4x PCIe.
    It only needs to hold 1 SSD.
    It does need to be able to take a decent sized card and be able to cool it.

    Planning to infiniband (10Gb+ network) my house, have storage in a central box and a port in most rooms so want a tiny box I can take wherever in the house
    Been looking around and can do most of the setup on the cheap for about 1k.
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    I'm a little confused. You want to carry your desktop and plug it in at different places in the house to use it, correct? Would you be dragging the wireless keyboard and mouse with? It seems a bit prohibitive, and honestly a hassle over... just.. playing games in one place. Or getting a laptop.

    If you're looking to just watch movies (since you mentioned storage) then you might be better just getting a tiny media center solution in all of those places.

    I know it doesn't answer your question, and maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I honestly think literally hauling around your desktop system is a bad idea from the get go. IT warrants a high level of wear and tear on ports, cables, and general issues with moving things constantly.

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    I think that in your case, a laptop might be the way to go. Even the smallest mITX PC is going to weigh a good 7-10kg and it won't be much fun carrying that thing around the house along with peripherals.
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    Yeah, lugging around monitor, keyboard and mouse is the tough part, not the computer itself. Just get a laptop, or a real gaming desktop for the one location where you'll use it 99% of the time and a tablet or few for the net surfing and porn.
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    I'd say get a NAS/Storage PC and at the locations you need a computer, powerful enough to handle the designed specifications. But since you've got the storage on the NAS you only need a small bootdrive (ssd). Or you can always remote desktop.

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    I'm kind of curious about infiniband. What storage devices do you own or plan to own that would use more then half of that?
    Unless you have ssd in raid 0 or a pci-e ssd on both ends a good chunk of that bandwidth would never be used.
    Assuming you are using this for streaming gigabit is already overkill for 1080p streaming and will likely be more then enough for even 4k streaming.

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