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    Seal of Casino > could this proc of reckoning bombs?
    Reckoning Bombs > rogues were my dps-enhancing bitches during Alterac Valley
    Addon: Decursive > just press your designated button and it would randomly cleanse a player in the raid - You could actually be afk and let a "pecking bird" tab your button while /follow through the entire MC instance.
    When blessing of might and wisdom were upgradable.
    When out of combat rezzing was my only job during bossfights...
    When you encountered the Courier... you would have a bad time

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    I remember when we could detonate frost bomb with fire blast glyph for full damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by alt-ithist View Post
    Before your time kiddo. Druids players would rejuv their groups then quickly run to the window to make no dinosaurs were attacking, then run back to their keyboards to refresh the rejuvs.
    Unless you were a Dreamstate healer (Restokin).
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asacado View Post
    We had to have reagents to cast buffs and had to reach a defense rating of 540 to even tank?

    Thats the magical stat I forgot.

    Sorry i was talking about this the other day with a friend, I remembered the 540 number but couldn't remember what the stat was called.
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
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    Heroic Strike happened "on your next melee swing".

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    i remember when judging as a paladin used up your seal and you had to re-apply the seal before attacking again

    also, tanking as a pally with seals, judgement, holy shield, avengers shield, consecrate and spellpower gear. if you dropped holy shield at all, you could be one shot by a crushing blow.

    fun times*

    also, the way my health bar would go from 100% to 1% then back to 100% then back to 1% - up and down like a yoyo. it made fights like gruul nervewracking, as everytime i was hit, i was never sure if my healers would get me up enough to save me from the next hit - the sheer relief of actually killing him and not having to watch my health bar bounce up and down anymore was reward in itself, tier 4 loot just sweetened the deal.

    *(because i was new to the game, not because stuff worked better, cos it didn't - i died quite a few times due to lag delays on holy shield and taking a crushing blow to the face)
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    Hots from different people on the same target didn't stack. And people say they miss Vanilla....

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    ...when you had to farm gold for get mount at level 40?
    ...when you had to spam general chats to get group to a dungeon?
    ...when you had to walk in to the dungeon?
    ...when every item was hunter item?
    Horrible times.

    Also, Barrens chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHNurf View Post
    Hots from different people on the same target didn't stack. And people say they miss Vanilla....
    I don't think anyone misses the drawbacks Vanilla has mate - they just miss the exploration, the enormous size of the world, everything new, the big ass raids, miss their friends who has since then quite etc. Why would anyone miss drawbacks?

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    Yes I hated these old days when I had to cast water for 10 minutes before a raid and then I had to assist my warlock friend killing mobs for shards and then I had to buy stupid dust to buff my people and buffing the raid made me oom and all that other unneccessary crap. I'm so happy they changed that.
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    I remember back in Vanilla when I had to farm those bloody Twilight pages in Silithus(?) to earn enough gold for my mount training.

    Good old Vanilla days. (NOT)

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    When raid bosses had a limited number of debuff slots, so hunters were told not to use Serpent Sting to make more room for warlock DoTs.

    Also when Disengage was a melee threat reducer. Weird ability.

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    Tier gear with the oddest stat combinations.
    - Paladin gear pretty much having every single stat even if you didn't use all for a single spec.
    - Rogue gear having dodge rating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fawxey View Post
    30-60 Minute Cooldowns (Shield Wall, Lay on Hands etc.)
    Training your weapon skills because an axe upgrade just dropped and your toon had never used axes before.
    60% Flying mounts
    1000g for 100% ground (when earning 1000g might as well have been 1,000,000g now)
    Triple Proc windfury, were each extra attack from windfury could and often did proc it's own windfury
    Zul'Gurub and it's pandemic causing abandoned capital cities
    One Mail Box Per City
    AH only in IF and Org
    Water Dismounting you
    Walking until almost level 50 (some cases all the way to 60) because finding the 90 gold at level 40 was crazy hard early on
    BG queue times could be over an hour
    If you stayed in feign death for 6 minutes you actually died
    Queuing for BG's at the actual portal
    I wish they would bring this one back!You could click off the gryphon halfway through a flight path
    Druids only healed
    60 Second Breath Timer
    Undead had Infinite Water Breathing
    Mounts used a bag slot
    Alliance complained Horde got the good class (Shaman)
    *tears* nostalgia at its best

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    15 minutes duration AND 50 charges poisons! And you had to reapply poisons every time you zone-in dungeon/raid/bg. that was pain
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    When mages started the raid 10 minutes early just to fill every empty bag-space with water and bread to distribute.
    Or When there were out of combat rezzers?

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    I forgot one: really expensive ammo. Timeless Arrows were 1g 60s per stack of 200. That's 80 copper for every single attack. Doesn't sound like much now, but back then it was a serious drain on the bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aturbus View Post
    Drain mana, I miss you...
    I also miss this

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    - The daily dungeon, was actually a specific dungeon and you need to bring your ass at the entrance. I like it that way instead of the random LFD
    - A mount or a pet was taking a place in your bag, Imagine todays with 120 mount and 325 pets
    - You had to mining pick the actual amount of ore, 6 ores = 6 click
    - You could trade any epic loot and if your raid leader made an error you had to open a ticket to a GM for thr transfert other player
    -when a ground mount cost around 600g and it was hard to gain money, when a stack of crap was selling 75 silvers at the AH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asacado View Post
    We had to have reagents to cast buffs and had to reach a defense rating of 540 to even tank?
    540 defence? Would you take offense if I mentioned WrathBaby?

    I remember needing 490 defence to be uncrittable in the burning crusade, AND having to reach 102.4% combined enemymiss/dodge/parry/block to become uncrushable back then as mobs 3 lvls above could crush. Not to mention that tankadins had to use spellpower for threat which made gearing tough as 99% of plate tank gear was designed for warriors and had zero SP on it. Remember finally getting Revered with Keepers of Time so that I could buy the Continuum Blade before upgrading to the ZA mace and MH one.

    Also remember the days when +Spell power and +Healing Power were separate stats.

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