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    Balance pvp

    Heya guys!

    Just wondering, how is balance atm in pvp compared to affli lock and shadow priest?

    I mean it's dots + big numbers. Dunno if i should go balance or affli (:

    pls help

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    well as far as i know affli is the worst of the multi dot class/spec for pvp atm so ill say priest or boomie they are both pretty good and brings good utillity but it seems like shadow priest is getting hammered very soon so ill say go for the boomie.

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    Boomkins are great and pretty much considered essential in rated bg content. Affliction is the worst caster spec for PVP by far, as a Warlock take my advice and play your druid.
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    You are in Druid forum so my suggestion will obviously be - go balance.

    To me is boomkin the most enjoyable spec to pvp with because of its complexity. I just feel good when I have a chance to blanket my team with rejuvs during the fight, its just cool to end up a bg with most dmg and healing done. Love to stealth to enemy base and with popped CDs nuke the shit out of the flag carrier. Love my mobility, ccs..

    Maybe you are enjoying different playstyle. In ideal world where everybody is playing his class to possible maximum, it would be probably like - Boomkin >= Spriest > Afli. But bored boomkin using 30% of his toolkit is allways worse than good afli lock.

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