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    Sha globe addon or wa profile


    i spent some time now by searching addon´s or weakaura configs, but there is nothing i could find.

    We are currently trying sha hc but sometimes i think there are orbs which heal the panda, but i couldn´t find a way to track this.
    Did you use a kind of addon for this while progressing.

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    Look at his HP
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    While im sure this wont help much, but at least after raid or if you doing it live, after each encounter you can check wol >analyze>hostile healing. While it may not be as correct as you would want due to range issues, it still records something, so that something should be non existant at best.

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    Thanks for your response Andaja

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    alternatively, total up the amount of damage done by each dps on the platform. is it greater than his max hit points?

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