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    yet another will HC soaking thread


    I would like to ask you for advice on Will of the Emperor HC. Tomorrow we are starting progressing on them. Currently we are sitting on 5/6 HC Mogu (downed Kings yesterday and only available boss for Tuesday is Will)

    here is list people available for progress

    blood DK
    prot paladin (can go holy or retri)

    disc (can go shadow)
    resto druid (can go to any spec)
    resto shammy (can go ele)

    we will be two healing this

    survival hunter
    affliction warlock
    affliction warlock
    arcane mage
    arcane mage (can go fire)
    frost dk (can go blood)
    enhancement shaman (can go resto)

    please note we will be missing our DK tank since Wednesday (if we decide to carry on with progress of will and take away progress of Taj'ak and Mel'jarak)

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    There's a lot of other Heroic Will threads already. Most if not all of them are about soaking, so you should go check them tbh.

    That said, you're probably better off having your DK dps going Blood and use him to soak Strength and Courages. Your Hunter and 2 Mages can rotate the Rages and your Locks should be able to soak as well.

    That said you have a somewhat odd raid setup when it comes to dps. 4 caster dps and Hunter + Enchance?

    Oh and about your healers. I think you'll have issues with the enrage timer, if you 3 heal it. Heroic Will is a 2 healed fight - or it used to be. I don't know if you can 3 heal it now that people have gotten even more gear. But it is definitely doable with 2 healers (Disc/Shaman would be my advice).

    Your Enchance shouldn't have to help on adds much, have him do the combos for more dps and only call for him, if you need help on the Courages.

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    The problem is that every raid comp is somewhat unique si I've decided to post my own thread. I've looked for other threads on the forum but I've not found informations which I needed.

    We will be two healing this. One of our healers will go to his offspec.

    I beg my pardon but how can we use mages for soaking? By blinking away before detonation? Is there some time between detonation animation and dealing damage? Locks can soak via dark bargain?

    How much damage are spark detonations dealing? Wowhead says it's 750k.

    Our enhance pretty much sucks when it comes to avoiding devastating combo

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    Mages can soak. Just checked, he uses Cauterize and Temporal Shield.

    Locks Dark Bargain or w/e it's called yes. Paladin can soak in emergency with bubble.

    Your Shaman should go to LFR and practice then tbh. You could throw your Hunter in there, since he can move and dps. But you're going to miss out on a lot of damage, if your Shaman can't nail a single combo.

    Here's a link to our Heroic Will kill. http://www.wowprogress.com/video/927...estoration-pov

    Hope it helps.
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    Soaking shouldn't be an issue with your setup. Hunter can soak a whole load of sparks, deterrance with crouching tiger (and if things get nasty readiness). Mages can soak with both iceblock and greater invisibility (idk why you'd use temporal+cauterize over that). Locks can soak with dark bargain. Dk can soak with ams+ibf. Your shaman can soak with ancestral shift and possibly even shamanistic rage (probably need a priest and pw:s for that). Your druid can symbiosis deterrance and barkskin+bearform+might of ursoc if you somehow manage to waste all the previously mentioned cds.

    You can honestly use any 2 healers, this fight doesn't favor any in particular. If I had to chose I'd go with disc+resto druid, pw:s can help the soakers a bit and resto druids have two soaks (unlike shamans/disc who could take one each).

    Dps wise I'd just stack ranged for the first kill. Affliction warlocks are monsters in general, but on this fight in particular. Hunters are amazing for soaking+slowing the rages. Mages are solid and bring two soaks each. For the last spot I'd go with the dk (consider speccing him blood to draw the courages, we didn't do that but I heard that some guilds have success with it), he can tank the strenghts and his grips will help a lot with controlling the rages. Melee is general is bad and enh doesn't offer any particular cc or great soaking. Ele has the worst soaking in the line-up and doesn't bring the dps of the mages or affli locks (esp. in a multidot fight):

    The key thing for this fight isn't to put out some massive dps or healing, it's all about keeping the adds grouped up, out of the raid and under control. Make sure that all your classes get the cc talents they have access to (grips, knockbacks, stuns, roots, slows), just ignore the bosses and focus entirely on the adds until the break in spawns, if you managed to reach will you won't struggle to make the enrage timer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKOTy View Post
    I beg my pardon but how can we use mages for soaking? By blinking away before detonation? Is there some time between detonation animation and dealing damage? Locks can soak via dark bargain?

    How much damage are spark detonations dealing? Wowhead says it's 750k.
    On your mage question: mages can soak via: a) blinking (timing is a little tricky though); b) greater invis (up to 4 sparks with IB or PW:S); c) iceblock (positioning is key obv...) or d) cauterize (only single sparks)

    When we progressed at first I would usually use greater invis to soak sets of 2/3 rage-sparks and blink to trigger the single courage/strength sparks (alternating with our rogue). But eventually I decided to pick up Cauterize as a backup because sometimes you will just fail a blink and if you throw away a 10min try because of a fail blink it's just heart breaking (<3 path errors while blinking).

    And yes, spark damage is 750k, as far as i know.

    For your setup I'd suggest the following: Hunter takes every second rage set (2 or 4 depending on your strat) with deterrence (with the right talents/glyphs it has 1min cd). Have one mage specc into greater invisibility, so he can soak sets of rages too. Let the other one specc into cauterize and blink the single courage/strength sparks (warlock can help out if his CD isn't ready yet or he can simply apply slow to one spark and call the targeted person out to kite it for a while until blink cd is up again)

    1st set: hunter
    2nd set: mage1 greater invis
    3rd set: hunter
    4th set: mage1 iceblock
    5th set: hunter
    6th set: mage2 iceblock (or mage1 greater invis if up again)
    7th set: hunter
    8th set: whatever wasn't needed on 6th set
    9th set: hunter

    As a backup your resto druid can put symbiosis on one mage for an additional iceblock. And yeah just let the enh shaman tank the strengths near the rage spawn so you can nuke them together and if your timing is good you can soak all 3 (2 rages + 1 strength) sparks together. (As a side note: I don't know how viable warlock soaking is, since we never had our warlock soak sparks since affliction locks are naturally the strongest dps on this fight and we just wanted him to be able to focus on dps purely. So maybe with WLs soaking too that would make soaking the rage sets even easier than I suggested above.)

    edit: Oh and I forgot: I would suggest at least one mage specc frost for this fight. Frost brings so much add control and this fight is all about control...
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    Should we, with our number of possible soakers, kill every set of rages separately or should we try to CC one set of them and kill them in sets of 4?

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    Since you have the soakers for it there's no point in ccing one set. Just kill each set as it spawns.

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    Mages don't need cooldowns for soaking. I soak just fine with blink.

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    CC makes the fight harder and is only used if you don't have enough soakers.
    It is easy to 2 heal (we take it in turns either sitting out or going dps depending on mood).
    When you 1st put time into this fight it seems to be chaos and you will wipe quickly but the mistake is to give up. This fight is unusual in that it is the 1st 2 minutes that are tricky and it gets much easier after that. This is because the first wave of adds goes on longer than the subsequent ones and so you have more rages to deal with. also the bosses often spawn near sparks and get major buffs on them. once the bosses are positioned and you get into the first boss nuke phase (when adds are temporarily not spawning) you basically have a kill.

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