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    New to Fistweaving.

    With all of these buffs to fistweaving and it looks like the way to heal for 5.2. I am using the rotation from the new monk guide that is sticky in this forum, and with my very low knowledge of fistweaver. I just need a fistweaving for dummies because I been trying to fistweaving in live and I'm getting use to it but I think I'm missing something in the rotation. Can someone detail there rotation and what they use so I can compare? Thanks.

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    Well atm i think that fully fistweaving is not "optimal"
    And what i mean by fully fistweaving is using chi on blackout kicks rather than uplifts.

    Atm my rotation consist of the following.

    RM->TP->jab->EH->jab->(either chi wave for spothealing or another RM).

    Keep TP buff up and then just spread RM for uplifts.
    i normally use Expel harm on CD as its cheaper than a jab.
    Just spread RM and uplift away.

    Maybe in next patch using chi on BK is usefull but as off now i doubt it.
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    Thanks man! I can see what im doing wrong. I'm preparing for 5.2 so when it does drop I will be ready.

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    WTF? Where's your BoK to get 2 stacks of SZ?

    ReM > EH > 2 stacks of SZ > TP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowmcgee View Post
    Thanks man! I can see what im doing wrong. I'm preparing for 5.2 so when it does drop I will be ready.
    Just remember when 5.2 drops this is going to change. In 5.2 you are going to Jab->TP almost exclusively.

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    5.2 "rotation" :

    EH on cooldown
    RM on cooldown, if raid healing is necessary (aka don't use it if not that many targets will actually need the healing, sometimes it happens)

    Initial phase: EH, RM, Jab, BK, to apply Serpent's Zeal.

    Single Target: Jab/TP forever, until EH and RM come off cooldown. Uplift if large raid damage happens, will be situational. Surging Mist when the stacks make it instant.

    Multiple Targets: Either Jab/BK, ideally using extra chi from EH and RM to fuel BK's higher chi cost. May be required to Jab/Jab/BK sometimes, this is generally less than optimal.

    "Multiple Targets" means 3 or more. The full 5 will put you substantially ahead of Tiger Palm. Things like Windlord come to mind, and maybe Shekzeer add phase.

    SCK is a special case. It will proc Muscle Memory, but only if there are three hostile targets in it. In a situation where there's enough raid damage to justify pressing it for the healing, and there are also enemies, then great, use that and then BK. Do not use SCK just because there are lots of enemies, you are not a DPS and SCK is not a DPS tool. If there isn't enough raid damage to justify the healing component of SCK, but there are still lots of enemies, you should be using Jab on something and then BK.
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