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    Pantheon mid

    Opinions, tips, experiences, smurfing potential?

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    Any AD with strong poke can be a monster in mid. I don't know what you mean with smurfing potential, as smurfing is a skill gap thing, and not champion specific.

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Feel View Post
    Opinions, tips, experiences, smurfing potential?
    Max Q. Rush Brutalizer + boots of Mobility. Start Flask/pots. Jump bottom every CD. ???. Profit.

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    I'm finding that if u get a VERY pokey mid champ, it shuts him down hard. If he moves closer, you just back off and then poke him sum more. I'm finding alot of AD bruisers mids losing since the seekers armguard came into play. They can't punish as early as they Need to

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Feel View Post
    Opinions, tips, experiences, smurfing potential?
    Pantheon mid was considered a good counter-ap for mid. I think he does pretty well against AP champions, AND against other AD Casters on mid, cause they generally avoid top lane in fear of champions such as Pantheon.
    Other AD Casters destroy AP mids easier, but he destroys the other AD Casters aswell (due to his shield and his poke).

    Smurfing potential is kind of odd here since low levels might even go something like Ashe mid or Tryndamere mid, so you never know what kind of opponents you get.
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    He's pretty much your average AD mid; assassin, good poke, high damage.

    It's worth to note that alongside Master Yi, Pantheon has the highest base movement speed IN THE GAME, sitting at 355. This makes him extremely good at roaming, not to mention he brings his stun which is great.

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    I hate when my mate picks him mid agaisnt my ap. he always gets 13 hp pots and out sustains me :/

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