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    [LFH] Heroic Vizier 10 Man- PHASE 2

    Hello Hello, after about 40+ pulls on this boss with all platforms a breeze, we just keep falling on our face in p2. We have the option of 2 or 3 healing. I'm pretty sure we are just flat out doing the phase wrong. We have tried everything from Killing the Echo to hiding it in a corner. Have been leaning towards the 3 heals just to be safe on MC's but can sack up and 2 heal it if thats the best option for our setup. I will say that I'm looking for the best way to handle this in a 2 HEAL SETUP as I would prefer to shorten the last phase as much as possible.

    I can't post links yet but we are Aspect Guild on US-Frostwolf. Only a partial night of pulls was uploaded on 2/5 but really wont help as p2 is all I'm really looking for insight on.

    Basically we hit p2 with around 6 minutes + w/ 2 healers and around 5:15-5:30 w/ 3. Here is our raid comp w/ available option at bottom.

    Prot Paladin
    Prot Warrior

    Holy Paladin
    Disc Priest
    Resto Shaman(can go Ele)

    DW Frost DK
    WW Monk
    Aff Lock

    Alt DPS
    Arcane MAge

    Like I said earlier, only need advice for p2 as this is where we keep dropping eggs on the floor. When to lust? Which tank/heal to leave on echo? Should we burn the echo? IDK very frustrated as we have now wiped in p2 probably 25 + pulls staring at 15-18% boss health w/ 3 healers.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Lust right at the start. You should try and time an exhale right before the start of p2.

    Holy paladin and Prot Paladin on echo. Disc priest on raid.

    We don't kill echo, but we have 4-5 ranged dps. Going in with 3 melee is going to be really hard.

    To understand phase 2, you need to understand the order of events:

    1 Boss: Attenuation
    2 Boss: Force and Verve
    3 Boss: Spawn echo
    4 Boss: Convert
    5 Boss: Attenuation
    6 Echo: Attenuation
    7 Boss: Force and Verve
    8 Echo: Attenuation
    9 Boss: Attenuation
    10 Echo: Attenuation
    11: Boss: Force and Verve

    The key is understanding when to move the boss to certain sides of the room. Obviously, you need to move it across the room right before force and verve. We tank the Echo near the 2nd platform, and the boss near the 1st. Right before force and verve (2 and 3), the boss is near the entrance stairs. For the first force and verve he is near the corner between platform 2 and 3, facing the pillar, between the stairs so he spawns the echo inside that area. Boss needs to die before the 3rd force and verve or tanks and healers will run out of CDs. For #7 (2nd force and verve) we have our hunter stand out and deterrence with the tank using a cooldown. You could just replace that with your monk using zen med/touch of karma.

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    Yes, we do understand the sequence of events. To be more precise the exact spot where the problems start would be on step 7 as you mention. Right after the double attenuate- usually the echo tank eats it on the next force and verve leading to a Song cast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeltdownLV View Post
    Yes, we do understand the sequence of events. To be more precise the exact spot where the problems start would be on step 7 as you mention. Right after the double attenuate- usually the echo tank eats it on the next force and verve leading to a Song cast.
    Your echo tank needs to run out slightly, dodge rings and then go back in before he finishes casting attenuation. Gold rings with a cooldown do almost nothing to a tank. He just needs to dodge green orbs which is super easy at that point because they are the slow ones. Once you get past that the boss is basically dead. You might have another force and verve but enough people should live.

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    You should leave the Pally to tank the echo with the Pally healer since they can immunity through two of the F&V.

    Lust at the start of P2 just before he becomes active again.

    Don't burn the echo. Leave him in a corner.

    Dropping to two healers isn't going to solve any problems, as it's not a DPS issue that's wiping you in the last phase.

    We dodge the first Attenuation like normal, then sit in and heal through the first F&V as the tank, with a cooldown, runs and places the boss in a corner. The raid then runs across the room, burning down the converts as they go (this is the sketchiest part of our strat, but it's worked for us 'til now). During attenuations, the echo tank just runs away, dodging greens, and runs back in just as it ends. The raid just books it away from the boss so dodging isn't a problem.

    It's messy, but not amazingly difficult. We had more wipes to people being retarded on the Attenuation platform than we did in P2.

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    You have the perfect setup to ignore echo as others have mentioned (prot paladin, holy paladin), but if you continue to struggle I'd recommend killing the echo. We kill the echo while 3 healing and the fight is over at that point.

    If you decide to kill the echo, you tank him in the middle in p2. When the attenuation ends your tank should be over by the front left pillar (relative to when you leave MC platform). He normally will convert and drop the echo. Break the converts immediately as either your second tank or current tank moves the boss over to the opposite pillar on the same side. After converts, stand far on the side of the room near the echo to maximize damage without moving during the boss' attenuation. You could lust right here or delay it a bit. Once the echo starts attenuating, wait a few seconds then bop both casters so they can stand still and continue to burn. The holy paladin should bubble and stand near the middle to heal both tanks. Everyone who doesn't have a great defensive cooldown or is bad at dodging (you have 2 attenuations going out), should run to the far end of the room, and loop back clockwise as the boss' attenuation clears, then get back into echo range. F&V should be starting, heal through and get into assigned positions as normal. Continue bursting the echo. On your first kill, he'll probably start another attenuation before you kill him, just get as much dmg on him as you can before running away. The echo should die during that second attenuation or before it if your burst dps is really strong. From then on, kill it as normal.

    Here is a video reference to what I described above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWwQjVlxEh0
    Aerzara, Discipline Priest
    <Modest> 14/14H - US 2nd 10m Guild

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    Honestly, if you can 2 heal this, more power to you, there's really no reason to not 3 heal it... The enrage is LOL, and you can finish Phase 2 with even 2 or 3 dps dead. But if you're 2 healing and you lose a healer, then it's GG. We have had it on farm for 3-4 weeks now and still takes us a couple of attempts to kill it each week.

    Basically what we do is, at the start of P2, we bring the boss to the entrance of his room >> do attenuation normally. Immediately after attenuation it FnV. Everyone get's inside their assigned bubbles, besides our MT who is holding Vizier. As soon as he starts casting FnV, the tank runs to the top right corner behind the pillar. The boss will follow him when his FnV is dead. At this point Vizier will have casted Convert on the raid, while he's running to the corner, and the echo will have spawned near the entrance of the room. Knock out converts and have your raid head to the top left corner of the room behind the pylon. As this is happening, Vizier will be Attenuating, and your tank will run to meet up with the rest of the raid at the top left corner, with the boss following him after attenuate is over. During this time, the echo will be attenuating and your Pally's can just bubble through it. When Vizier reaches the raid, a FnV will be soon coming. Have your tank stay out with a dps with a CD, like dispersion. the other 6 get in the bubbles. After FnV he will attenuate again, when he starts, have your raid, including your tank, run to the top right corner, where your tank originally took Vizier after the echo spawned. Just keep running back and forth between the two spots when the boss attenuates, it makes the fight a complete joke.

    One thing we realized is, when the boss is being tanked behind the pillars, either in the top right or top left, make sure he is in the middle of that small area you have to work with, if not he will spawn a FnV barrier in a wall or in the pillar and you wont be able to get in it.

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    It's not an enrage thing why people 2 heal it. If you just burn the entire phase it becomes trivial. Our first kill had 5 ranged dps and it just fell over.

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    If you 2 heal it and nobody messes up for the first two attenuates it's also pretty much a free kill. We three healed it for our first few kills solely because some of our DPS were prone to dying to those first few attenuates. Having DPS die early with a two heal strategy isn't that solid considering you risk pushing a third FnV.

    The idea with two healing is to simply only have two FnV. The first is really easy because everybody can use the bubble and the second while tricky, should be the one you use your BoPs or any CDs to survive.

    Some people just weren't strong on this fight for us and at the start it was DPS, but truth be told a lot of people derped as the fight went on. When we killed it the first few times and the DPS finally stopped derping, we dropped to two heals and kill it before the third FnV.

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    We're having the same problems on this, we are around the 80+ attempt mark! Always P2 that gets us, having tried multiple tactics, one thing we started doing tonight was to Lust straight off at the start of P2, drag boss to left corner but so range can continue nuking and then all stack up for the first FnV (except for tank on echo) we pop cd's/barrier and heal through the FnV while still nuking the boss and don't use the FnV bubble's.

    Unfortunately we had 2 melee's in our run and were 3 healing it, but I am sure with 2 healers and full ranged set up you could literally burst the boss down before you even get 2 FnV, so that's what were going for.

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    We had the same issue with zorlok. I'd highly recommend you this kind of tactic we found. It's basically to run away from the attenuations. You can check how we managed it here

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    We 2 heal it... lust soon as the echo spawns (just before mind control, at the end of force and verve #1).... break out MC'd ppl asap, then start nuking echo... as the boss gets draged to the entrance stairs to begin force and verve #2 echo should die as everyone runs for the bubbles, hopefully before echo does his 2nd attenuation, if he does do it, just have ur paladin use shield + all raid using defensive CDs, and try to dodge balls if they do come (we always kill before that tho)

    after that, its a free kill if u aint stupid... its pretty much:

    stand in bubbles for force and verve...
    run away to platform #3 for attenuation
    run back to boss for force and verve..

    rinse repeat... at some stage ull get a 2nd MC, but u can just CC them if its during a f+v.

    We tried a lot of times to ignore the echo and just nuke, but found that 1 healer trying to heal the whole raid was rly difficult... and the 1 healer 1 tank also had it rough because the boss is so far away, teh delay on their bubble droping is rly slow.. by time bubble drops, hes alrdy AOEing... and 2 ticks of that when ur not in a bubble is a dead healer.

    for tanks... as p2 starts, keep boss in middle -> dance attentuation -> drag to a pillar (we use inbetween platform 1+3), he does force and verve then spawns echo -> have ur boss tank moving while he casts force and verve, so that he can get the boss into a corner BEHIND a pillar (plat2+3 corner).. when he casts dance he just runs to entrance stairs. You shouldnt have to heal this tank much as he will only take a couple melee hits... we use warrior tank as he can leap away and stuff

    Echo tank obviously just stands and tanks the echo... better to use ur pala as if the echo doesnt die, he can stay behind and finish it off, and use a bop for force+v #2

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    Just wanted to say thank you for all the input. Went back in last night for a few extra pulls before reset and got the Kill. Just left the two Paladins by themselves at Entrance stairs with the echo and dragged Vizier into the corners between 1/3 platform and 2/3 platform corner. Definitely would be about 200% easier if I benched a couple melee, but running with a tight group of raiders I don't always have that luxury.


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