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    LF Raiding Guild, Holy Paladin, Prot Warrior.

    Hello everyone, my friend and i just got back into play WoW, we have only been playing for about 2 weeks and in that time we have gotten from 85 to 90 and achieve our respective item levels.

    We are both looking for a new guild to raid with, we're ultimately looking for a strong raiding guild that raids 3 to 4 nights a week, that would be ideal, yet still open to all offers considering us gear level.

    Our previous experience, this is for both of us;
    Vanilla: Completed everything up to C'thun and Professor Putricide.
    BC: Completed everything up to Flymist in Sunwell. The guild we were in was the best on the server, Thaurissan at the time, I was the healing officer because at that time i was playing a druid.
    WOTLK: Completed Naxx, a little bit of Ulduar, then both decided to stop playing for awhile.
    Cata: Came back around the mid way of Firelands, completed Firelands, then proceeded on to DS, completed DS, then both got 6/8 before nerf, then played casually and both achieved our Savior Of Azeroth title, completing heroic DS.

    Now we're here. Wanting to continue raiding again with a strong and driven guild. Our plan is to get back into raiding properly like we did in both Vanilla and BC. We want to complete the hard modes, we're both playing now for a good long while, if we are accepted into a guild we will maintain 100% raiding attendance. We will also strive to be the best raiders we can be.

    Ords Holy Paladin
    Alt Rogue(This is what i raided that content with, look at my rogue for the achievements)
    Snaxxboxx Protection Warrior, he started a new account because he gave his old one to his cousin.

    Any more questions or if you would like us to join your guild please contact me on Ordz#1637, or contact me back on this forum post. As well we do not mind changing servers or factions, as long we feel the guild will suit us nicely.

    We are available every night of the week except Friday and Saturday nights. So that is our limitation.

    As well if there is anything that we require in order to be a stronger member of your raid team, we will do it, yet we have both maxed out every possible option in order to get completely geared with out raiding, including purchasing items available to us.

    Hope to hear from people soon!
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    Bump! Still looking and very keen to join a strong raiding guild. Currently the Holy Paladin is 479 and the Protection Warrior is 480.

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