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    Question Need help remembering a great star wars game

    Heres what I can remember from it...

    It had multiplayer

    In multiplayer on the Hoth map you could get in the airplane things and shoot grappling hooks with wires attached at the legs of of the huge four-legged robot things, then continue to fly around them, wrapping them up and causing them to trip and explode.

    If you get a high enough "killstreak" you could play as a popular character from the movies (yoda, han-solo, etc.)

    It had a TF2-esque announcer... "The empire has taken a control point!" etc.

    You could choose your class

    You could get in and utalize vehicles.

    Basicly it's battlefield: star wars edition...

    Anyone know the name of it? Link too?

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    Star Wars: Battlefront?
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    Star wars Battlefront 2? either that or the first Battlefront.

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    star wars battle front & battle front 2. one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time

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