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    5.2 Healing Trinkets

    *Shamelessly stolen from the resto shaman elitist jerks forum: http://elitistjerks.com/f79/t130574-...mop/#Trinkets*

    I have a minor in math but can't be arsed into the mathiness of trinkets and RPMM and all that sort of thing.

    I'm really just doing this to mention regen values, but obviously there is plenty of merit behind the other trinkety things these items do. So without further ado:

    [Stolen Relic of Zuldazar]

    LFR: 688 mp5
    Normal: 828 mp5
    Heroic: 935 mp5

    While this trinket doesn't have an ICD it does have an on use CD of 20sec that prohibits you from unleashing it at 1 stack (One stack per approximately 16sec at 20.01% haste) . The least amount of stacks that can be released is from 2 and beyond for a 21086 /31629 / 42172 / 52715 / 63258 shield. Its RPPM is set on 3.The average amount of time needed for accumulating 6 charges is 100sec at 20.01% haste. Obviously don't stack haste just for this trinket, but it is interesting to see how haste interacts with it.

    [Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn]

    LFR: 688 mp5
    Normal: 828 mp5
    Heroic: 935 mp5

    Its difference from the trinket above is that the shield proc is random and it occurs roughly every 44sec at 20.01% haste. In direct comparison to its contender we can see that its theoretical ICD is shorter ( for a shield of 31629K the difference is 6seconds making the Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn roughly 11.50% faster on its application) however its random proc nature makes it less attractive. Its RPPM is set on 1.13 with 17sec prohibitive CD. Obviously don't stack haste just for this trinket, but it is interesting to see how haste interacts with it.

    [Lightning-Imbued Chalice]

    LFR: 0 mp5
    Normal: 0 mp5
    Heroic: 0 mp5

    This trinkets proc is again based on accumulating a stacking buff of 6charges which this time will be instantly released onto a target healing them for a certain amount (for more info check the table). Its theoretical release time is around 99seconds at 20.01% haste. Again this is another trinket with an non controllable proc which is however quite strong and will get stronger as your item level rises. Its RPPM is set on 3, no ICD.

    It is a straight throughput trinket for those of us who get to the point where they feel they can shed a regen trinket for increased output. It's a smart heal like many of the trinkets before, just sucks when it procs at a bad moment, like when everyone is topped off.

    [Horridon's Last Gasp]

    LFR: 688 mp5
    Normal: 825 mp5
    Heroic: 935 mp5

    Horridon’s Last Gasp is a direct upgrade of the VP purchasable trinket, [Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault]. It’s worth being noted that while at comparable ilvls of 522 with the same intellect Horridon’s Last Gasp has a theoretical ICD of around 50seconds at 20.01% haste while the Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault has an 180sec CD. Its RPPM is set on 1.

    [Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault]

    Valor: 828 mp5

    Can be obtained by the new faction Shado-Pan Assault upon reaching Friendly. Its intellect beats marginally the fully upgraded [Spirits of the Sun] HC version but not [Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal] normal one. It's an amazing upgrade for fully upgraded [Relic of Chi Ji].

    So for those of us still clinging to our beloved [Relic of Chi Ji], looks like one of our first purchases should be aimed at this trinket, if regen is your thing. I plan on holding onto my heroic upgraded [Spirits of the Sun] until I get one of the regen/throughput combo trinkets, or any heroic version of the others.

    For referene:

    [Spirits of the Sun]

    LFR: 658 mp5
    Normal: 743 mp5
    Heroic: 838 mp5
    HM Upgraded: 903 mp5

    [Qin-xi's Polarizing Seal]

    LFR:540 mp5
    Normal:609 mp5
    Heroic: 687 mp5
    HM Upgraded: 741 mp5

    [Relic of Chi Ji]

    Normal:759 mp5
    Upgraded: 818 mp5

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    Anyone who knows how to make the links capable of being moused over and showing the item tooltip would be greatly appreciated for showing me how. Thanks!
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    You need to use WoWDB links on MMO:

    Relic of Chi-Ji
    @TwintopTahoe Twintop @ Illidan-US HowToPriest
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    Has anyone tested if these shields scale with our mastery?
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    Depending on how my mana feels on a fight, I had considered trying Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance. Being as to how I feel that atonement will still happen at a decent rate, it may be usable. It'd be a throughput trinket, kinda like the chalice.

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    @Annoying Yeah I personally was looking at that one too, along with the 100% crit trinket lol

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    Not a fan of throughput procs, I'd prefer to gem more int and use a regen trinket over things like Cha-Ye's. As boring as it may be I'll probably end up using Horridon's as one of my trinkets, same regen and 1657 int seems superior to Stolen Relic's on use (might end up changing my mind on this after using it). For the other slot Lightning-Imbued chalice seems to be the best bet (at least once I reach solid regen, not sure how desperately I'll need it in 5.2), 1657 int passive is obviously far better than 1657 spirit (twice the item budget) and the proc (smart, bigger and scales) seems stronger than both Stolen and Inscribed. Inscribed just seems inferior to Stolen in my opinion, slightly higher output at the cost of on use is hardly worth it. Pre HCs Soothing's should be slightly stronger than normal Horridon's in most situations, the longer cd but higher mana amount allows it to be more regen in any fight that doesn't end just as it comes off cd (e.g., 4 min fight=58k mana from soothing and ~40k from Horridons).

    Tldr, my ranking:
    Horridon(hc)>Lightning(hc)>Soothings>Horridons(nm)>Lightning(nm)>Stolen(hc)>Inscribed(hc)> Stolen(nm)>Inscribed(nm).
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    So anyone have any ideas on how to macro Stolen Relic of Zuldazar so we don't have to find an extra keybind for it? Thinking tying it to ProM would work, provided the proc can hit the maximum stack count every twenty seconds.

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    If you aren't going to make full use of the activation (you will need a separate bind for that) just use Inscribed instead tbh.

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    He probably casts ProM on the tank, so tying it to that wouldn't be a bad idea. Is it the on-use off the GCD though? Ultimately it would probably be better to just use a seperate bind for it.

    I'm probably going to go with straight regen trinkets.

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    It's not horrible no, but if you aren't going to make use of the fact that it's on use and use (no pun intended:P) it in emergency situations you'll be better off with the other trinket.

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    The static spirit is good but the on-use shield sounds underwhelming. Anyone knows if it scales with disc mastery?

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