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    [A] <RoKK> Recruiting Ranged DPS | Established 25m Guild | 3 days/week


    We raid Tues-Thurs 6:30-10:00 PST

    25 Man Guild on [US] Kil'jaeden

    We are looking for: Elemental Shaman, Warlock, Balance Druid, or Shadow Priest. Skilled Players Encouraged to Apply

    We are currently killing: 9/12 ToT

    Our website:

    Recruitment officers are Shawni and Sarine.

    *We're looking for strong players in for the long haul of a casual, fun, and close knit guild. It is our goal and intention to continue with 25 mans as long as we are able and the addition of new recruits is vital to that, so don't be shy and drop us a line!*

    We are looking for individuals who would be able to consistently attend raids (3 nights on average, 100% attendance would delight us but we don't expect it), who are willing to heavily use consumables, who don't have a irresistible attraction to fire and who bring us cookies.

    RoKK is a guild that has been around since Vanilla. While it hasn't always actively raided, we have maintained a strong community base. Many old members tend to stick around for alt raids and guild activities. When we're in the swing of things, we often field raids with raider alts and filled out by the friend/family rank in the guild. You can expect stability.. which can be really hard to find in WoW!

    Unfortunately with stability and casual raiding come some drawbacks. We'll never be the top guild on the server but we're ok with that. We do things in our own time and in our own way. It's more important to us to enjoy the game! Our major goal for this expac is to try to foster more of a raiding oriented atmosphere with raiders who want to continue to work on heroics long after the server firsts are down.

    If you are interested, please swing by our website and check out our apps forum.
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    welp guess i have to make an account here now for this.

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    We hand out free bottle's of Ever-So-Much-More-So!

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    just stopin by and seeing how things are goin

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    Still bolstering our roster for 5.2! Could specifically use Warlocks!

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    Just last September, a Sudanese was executed in Medina for sorcery. Most "witches" and "warlocks" who are accused have cursed people on request of relatives or acquaintances or have made magic amulets for money.
    On second thought we are really open to any exceptional players.

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    Need more gnomes.

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    Why Hello There

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarineKJ View Post
    Why Hello There

    Hey gurl!

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    This guild is pretty okay.

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    Need lock stones!

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