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    Did OP finally get his internet connection back after being stuck in a basement since 2005?

    Time to take off your tinfoil hat and go outside!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    That whole post was hilarious. I especially loved when you gave credit to Tom Chilton for screwing up UO pvp. I take it you've never played UO and aren't aware that pvp in it was only fun for one person. The person who didn't die and lose all of their belongings. While it was fun to be a PK it certainly was not fun for nearly everyone else playing.
    I take it, you sucked at UO PvP. I made a vast fortune out of pillaging people. Guild Warring, Moongate camping, Dungeon raiding and you name it. I was ahead of my time a bit and learned to hotkey potions, bandaids, spells, and I was good at it. The simple and undeniable rule in UO, pre-trammel, is that you never carried anything you didn't want to lose. UO was so bad ass. Too bad people like me, made people like you cry into their bedsheets. So that we ruined it for the rest of gamers everywhere.

    You talked shit, fucking steal kill, or otherwise being annoying prick. ALL YOUR ITEMS ARE BELONG TO ME! I find, anyone that didn't enjoy UO are mainly pansies and ragers. LMAO, You can thank the standard EULA and TOS agreement because of UO. Made in light of people like me and because of people like you.

    Enjoy the rest of the Holiday.

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    uhhhh... Are you aware that post is as old as Pai Mei?

    Go a bit down to read the replies and you see this...

    "Yep its a sad, sad, story, well in a few more months we'll have Age of Conan and Gods and heroes to play so it won't suck as much."

    Yeah, Age of Conan really rocked, didn't it...

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    If all the good devs went to anet, how come WoW became the biggest MMO ever and GW was a PoS that like 5 people ever played?

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    The replies so far make it pretty clear what direction this thread is going to go.

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