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    Nope, don't reroll, then if encounters are never beaten then it's a sign for re-development.

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    That's the link to what he said on stream -- watch at leat to 2:50h
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fennixx View Post
    The gloom is justified. IF you don't have lots of utility (or unique utility), IF none of your specs can fight for top3 till end of tier and IF there is another pure caster class* that can do everything you do (but much better and within one spec), THEN future doesn't look good.

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    So true!

    If you are playing an underperforming class, if you respect your guild mates and if you have any self-respect left, you should reroll a (way) better class.
    I disagree. The majority of people playing will likely NOT reroll. They will adapt and they will continue playing. I personally said, I will not reroll. I've done it before a few xpacs ago, and I was not happy with doing that. A few patches into that xpac, I was still sat because at that time, that particular class was not good for the mechanics of the teir.

    So - if someone is suggesting reroll. That's fine, perhaps that is best for that person's choice or play-style. Then they can go lurk that particular class forums. This the mage class forums. We should spend the next days/week fine tuning what we can do to better our performance off data.
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    The 5.2 PTR is ending and the official patch notes will be up later today.

    In light of that, I will close this thread and start a new one the second the official notes arrive (the PTR notes haven't been fully updated yet).

    Please don't open new threads before me as it will serve no purpose other than to waste everyone's time. I appreciate the desire to discuss, but in this case I must insist, as it allows me some greater control and maneuvering space when moderating or updating the thread.

    Thank you for all of your hard work, whether through theory or through testing or both. It is greatly appreciated. While we are in no way officially affiliated to Blizzard or World of Warcraft, we are a strong community and our words are no doubt often read by those who are.

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