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    Wod collectors edition and character boost

    Hey Guys, i already preordered wod ages ago, so i had one boost already, should i choose to upgrade to collectors edition, would i the recive another boost? I cant figure, because it say that collectors edition contains A boost, but as i already had one from the standard preorder edition, would i the get another?

    Cheers, Mezk86.

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    Good question.

    Though I don't think so because you will just pay the difference between a standard and a collector's a edition. Not another game in whole.

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    Why would you get 2?? You don't get an extra one for the extra $20 spent cause you payment plan'd your xpac purchase.

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    Yes, but looking at it in a marketing way, then im buying A new package, and it clearly say on the declaration that when buying this product, you recive A boost to level 90.

    It dosnt say any where that its limited.

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    Don't believe they'd give an account two boosts even if you did that. After all this is meant to be a one time thing. Go ahead and ask them yourself, but if they say no you cannot argue it away.
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    Im not looking to argue, i dont really need it for anything important, but id still like to know it, and i cant seem to find the awnser my self.

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    The best bet would be to ask on their forums, and let us know the answer, its an interesting one
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    The boost ist part of the standard edition, collectors edition has other things attached to them.

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    No you dont. You just get 1 boost and they'll give you your standard key back that you can gift to a friend.

    Google wouldve given you that answer, the same way it gave me mine yesterday.

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    Cool gotai, thanks, might just do that!

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