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    Will current spellblade be fixed


    As many rogues are using the spellblade in offhand and shanker in mainhand, they fix it so it wont be done in 5.2


    If i buy the current spellblade, upgrade it to 2/2 - will it remain with the stats it has now, or will they revert the current spellblade aswell?

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    I doubt it. (This was a response to the question whether the spellblade will still work)

    I'm pretty sure blizzard will also change malev spellblade so it'll have half the pvp power just like the tyrann spellblade so you have to use the pvp off-hand item to compensate for the halfed pvp power. Which means using a spellblade will simply reduce your damage done because a second agility dagger will have the same pvp power on it.
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    I'm pretty sure there was a blue post saying that the current spellblade won't work for rogues in 5.2

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    They are reducing the pvp power.

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