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    Need some advice on server transfers

    Taking my guild to either Arthas, Area 52, or Tichondrius we are a raiding guild that's looking for a good server with some decent people to pick up for a core group transferring from Twisting nether Us realms. Just need some advice and some opinions on people who've been on these servers for a while. Horde side thanks

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    I've raided on Area 52 Horde on Cataclysm (4.2, 4.3) in a guild there, and had a really nice time.
    That realm have a nice Horde action for PvE. Even on 25mans.
    Don't know how is it now, I've left Area 52 year ago (left cause i almost only do RBGs now. If I wanted to continue raiding, would have never left)

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