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    Cosmetic unknown items and buffs

    Hey everybody, I didn't know if a thread like this already existed so I decided I would make one.

    While questing a while ago i found the Ironforge airfield backpack. Ever since then I've been on the lookout for quests that gave me something fun outside the questing zones.

    So far I know about the following quests:
    Extinguish the Fires, this gives you the backpack as long as you keep the item in your bag and the quest in your log.
    Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp, this gives you a blue backpack that works the same as the one mentioned above.
    Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile, gives you a totem that acts like a npc with 5 hp and stays for 15 seconds. Can be used to intervene and wild charge to.
    Absorbent, gives you a debuff called Spongy!

    As I am not really into questing myself I hoped the nice folk in these forums know some more.
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    Are these supposed to be bugs? Anyway there is a backpack thing like the ones you mentioned at the human starting area and a keg in silverpine forest. I don't know if they stay on your back but these are the first I can think of that could work the same way.

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    OT: The human quest in the beginning...forget the name, to get rid of the fires in the orchard, works the same way. Keep the quest, keep the giant blue hose on your back.

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