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    What alt do you guys play when not on your Death Knight?

    So, it's that time of the expansion again, Where I'm really enjoying the raids, but at the end of the raid week I'm left thinking "What do I do now?" and have begun looking at alts, unfortunately every time I've started one in previous expansions, I end up going back to my Death Knight full time (Which has already happened with my Warlock this expansion) so I figured I would make a post here and see what other Death Knights enjoy playing when they're not busy Death Knighting.

    Personally I'm on the fence between a Fury Warrior and a Ret Paladin, I really like the idea of plate melee, and the general playstyle, but am thinking about what will feel familiar enough to hop into with ease, yet feel different enough to not be "DK 2.0"

    But what are you guys playing for alts? (or mains if your DK happens to be an alt)

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    DK main- PVP and a bit of PVE
    Rogue alt for PVP
    Leveling Lock for also just PVP

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    uhm... Let's see what alts I played to 90 and log on every once in a while: Warlock, Paladin, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Druid, Warrior and Priest. My monk and shaman are only 80+ yet...

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    Oh you Nye!

    I at the moment have my Mage, Lock, Protwarr, Protpala, BrMMonk, Rogue and Spriest going on, Druid is still in his 60's Shaman 70's and I can't level a hunter at all.

    Enjoyment wise it goes Prot Warr > Lock > Mage. But the only ones I've done anything serious with (normal / heroic) next to my main is my Prot Warr and Warlock.

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    My dk is my main raiding toon, otherwise I play a shammy and currently leveling a mage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    My dk is my main raiding toon, otherwise I play a shammy and currently leveling a mage.
    Warrior. I can't stand any ranged classes/specs, and after playing a DK paladins just seem like.......pussies. Leveled a feral to 55, just couldn't get into it.

    Enhancement shaman is probably a good choice too; they have a mix of melee and ranged attacks, with some physical and some magical damage.

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    Every class at 90 except mage and rogue (all PvE driven) >.<

    Mainly play my warrior and 39 ally twink mage for pvp needs
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    Druid and Monk atm. Though, my DK isn't really my main... yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vereesà View Post
    Does my DK alt count?
    Dat weapon...! xD

    Nice challenge mode gear tough <3

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    I have Ex-mains in both a Warrior (TBC) and an Enhancement Shammy (Classic)

    My other alts include a Rogue I levelled during Cata for pvp, and an old lock alt I had in classic that has been untouched since TBC on another server.

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    Ret paladin and destro warlock

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    Holy paladin.

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    Rogue first alt.
    Lock second alt.
    Shammy third alt.
    Priest fourth alt.
    Warrior fifth alt.
    leveling Monk just for fun.

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    Shaman most of the time, resto/ele.

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    DK was actually my third alt. I made him my main since MoP cuz our guild needs a reliable tank <.< I also play druid (bear/cat) and monk (BM/WW). I'm professional tank But just pally and warrior don't look that fun to me or I'll definitely tank with them too. <.<

    Actually hunter was my main but I'm "retired". I created him first because I didn't know too much about tanking when I first started and I didn't wanna wipe a group, tho I love tanking. I also lvled a rogue just to play with the legendary in 4.3. But I lost the point to play him after MoP...
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    I've got a few, I'm currently working on an Orc Warrior for the Double Agent achievement, and I'm gearing out an 80 rogue for Herald of the Titans.
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    I often end up playing more Death Knights for alts. Sometimes I play a warrior or a mage. Always DPS

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    Resto Druid. Currently leveling a Paladin (rotating between all three specs) and hating virtually every second of it, mostly because it's just similar enough to DK to throw me off on the differences.

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