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    Unfortunately it will only be good on fights where you are reliably stacked for AoE damage. Or for some random monster Serenity heal, which I imagine would feel like casting a LoH.

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    I thought Spirit Shell didn't count Mastery any more for the absorb, so how is the Disc 4pc going to work?

    **Never mind, I see the thread on it.
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    From Darkness, Comes Light
    Discipline, Holy: Now also has a chance to activate its effect on cast for these following spells; Penance, Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, and Prayer of Healing.
    This change got sneaked in the most recent ptr build, even though it's not reflected in the tooltip and made the talent from garbage simply awesome.

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    Wowsers. This will make good synergy with the tier bonus:-) This seems to be a fun playstyle where you will become better at helping out on ST, someghing holy isnt good at atm. Too bad Chakras will make our FH pretty weak still, but hasted stronger PoHs will be very good! Besides it will make it much easier to let go of our current PoM bonus to.

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    Woah.. :s nerf hammer time?
    Rapture now refunds 100% of Power Word: Shield mana cost rather than returning mana based on Spirit.
    Spirit Shell now has a 10 sec duration, down from 15.

    Awesomely made by Caiti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyra View Post
    Woah.. :s nerf hammer time?
    Those nerf force disc in the wrong direction, punishing discs for having more than 9k spirit and thus forcing more atonement and less other spells.

    For SS, they'd benn better served to keep it at 15s and make it only ever absorb up to 75% of a single hit or something (keeping the reminding absorb around for the next one, of course).

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    I like the Rapture change. SS hits 25m pretty hard when the focus should be more on 10m.

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