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    How to fix Feral?

    There has already been a fair bit of discussion of Feral problems on Horridon. Looking at other fights on WoL I am seeing a lot of Rake spam on other fights as well just to stay semi-competitive. This does not strike me as a very fun way to play or good raid mechanics. I've thought a good bit about a possible solution and don't really have one. While I'm not in favor of night before Christmas nerfs the Rip buff did strike me from the beginning as the wrong solution. Other than changing Symbiosis to give Feral more useful cleave abilities I'm coming up blank, and a change to Symbiosis would be overly wishful thinking I believe. It seems unlikely the developers would have had the Rip buff in the patch for so long if they didn't really believe there is a problem, I think they just decided at the last moment that no solution was better than the wrong solution.

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    You are trying to generalise all classes and specs. This is wrong. Feral is an extremely good suntanned single target DPS. Yes we can have good AoE providing there are enough targets, but if every class was good at the same thing, or all specs were good at everything, WoW would be 1 boring game. Feral is fine as it is, yes most melee classes get screwed over, some more then others but it's just something you have to accept, and deal with as a melee.

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    There was no generalizing, the issues are very specific and have existed for a long time now. Ramp up and target switching. In addition I don't think Rake spam is a very fun way to play, but that is an opinion.

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    I wouldn't mind if CP's were player based rather than target based. That would help with target switching.

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    Excluding Savage Roar I see no problems with Ferals at all.

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    i disagree, i used to avoid DoC before but im forced to use to raid high end. After mastering DoC i see that it is not enough to have ALL Rip/Rake buffed /w 85%/95% uptimes respectively, you need to keep stacking buffs (TF, Springs(idk how other proffesions do it), trinks and dance steel). After DoC buffing ALL Bleeds and overbuffing every others. i land 6th place or worse to classes that do mut,mut,rupture,mut,mut,envenom,repeat. the only fights i see i do well in (only druid in guild, so i cant compare easily) are those few big targets fights (like council), aoefest but with a main target(turtle) and increased dmg for a bit and leave boss fights(sha or jikun). Single target only fight(jinrok, mega) i never get top5 even though my rotation is flawless(id think). Actually after all that rant i get we arent that bad, but single target i dont have a chance numberwise. sorry for rant

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