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    I play a character named Lavanis on KJ and first off LOVE ruin! Secondly stop crying about the lag it’s just an excuse you all used to get the GM’s to side with you. I managed in a guild group to complete every quest and daily on the island within an hour of patch up time. We were also lagging and saw hundreds of players from both factions.

    Many are not mentioning the mutiboxer that resides on KJ that camps quest hubs etc. to a much worse extent and has done so in the past. He was also on the island (I’m sure his 40 account didn’t perpetuate any lag?) Ruin and co. wiped the floor with him to.

    PVP is hardcore on this server and everyone that plays here knows it!!!! Hell we have people camping hearth stone port areas and killing people before they can even load, it is what it is and if you don’t like it leave!

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    I play kj too and yesterday was retarded lol. Im all for world pvp and pvp in general, but horde basically didnt have access to the zone for 5 hours. As soon as you zoned in you were already dead and there was too much lag to rez or move or do anything. I logged onto an alliance char to see how many of them their were and it was fluctuating beetween 190-220 people. There was no way to organize killing them because you were dead before your loading screens ended. Im glad they were warned and told to leave. If they ganked throughout the zone I could careless, but doing it in the way they did so no one could do quests or anything was pretty gay lol. Ruinous has always been known for doing stuff like this. I like wpvping against them but not when its 220 vs 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominating View Post
    This is exactly what happened. I am a Horde player on Kil'jaeden and the second I zoned into Isle of Thunder I was killed by literally hundreds of Ruinous players camping the boat you get dropped into.

    OP is lying about what Ruinous was doing. They were not running around killing Horde players trying to do dailies. If they were, I would be totally fine with that. What DID happen was a concerted effort on their part to disrupt player access to 5.2 content on day one. SINCE THE SERVERS WENT UP, Ruinous camped that fucking boat for hours on end. Literally. They killed anyone who tried to zone in. They had well over 40 players crowded around that boat spamming AoE spells. What this did was lag the entire zone up horribly, and the server did crash at least once as a result.

    OP is lying IMMENSELY about what happened. To call what Ruinous did "PvP on a PvP server" is a gross understatement AT BEST. They were griefing and abusing server capabilities, to say the least. It was literally impossible for us to retaliate because they had caused unbearable lag in Isle of Thunder as a result of spamming spells on the boat.

    I can assure you that had nothing to do with it. My PvE server crashed yesterday too. It's because thousands of people are all trying to log in and play in the same zone at the same time. It's the same thing that happens every patch and expansion.

    OP's guild was going a bit far, but I don't blame them. Blizzard shouldn't have made a crappy design that allowed opposing faction to camp the spawn.
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    I'm not huge on the forums, but after the fuss Ruin cause last night I decided I'd share my perspective (I play Kaputo in the guild). Our guild has been waiting for this patch for a long time strictly for the WPvP aspect of it. We like the fact that another none fly zone is being added because it really makes WPvP more active. After the obvious playing around with talents/glyphs and seeing a few new details that 5.2 brought I decided to go to the isle. We had 37 people there when I arrived. We were not on the boat, but running around the isle in groups of 5-10 killing people at quest hubs. Then to our surprise our Guild Leader actually managed to find out he could swim onto the boat with no guards interfering. We all quickly joined in. There was some AOE but not nearly enough to crash a realm (we do 160 FTH runs 1-3 times a week we know about server lag). The real lag started happening when horde rezzed under the ship and started to group up to retaliate. Kil'Jaedan is a 65:35 H:A based server, so if horde decide to group up they have plenty of numbers to wipe us. Aredone the 40 boxer, Requiem, LokTarOgar, and a few other no name guilds mustered up about two and a half raids to actually engage us (which we love because its hard to find a good WPvP challenge these days). We wiped them multiple times and continued with our massive WPvP and then all the forum threads started. One was called "What to do about Ruinous". In the thread the horde priest from Requiem (a former WPvP horde guild) stated that the only thing that could be done was to report our GM and even go as far as to call blizzard. Well sure enough 30 minutes later we were told we would be banned if we didn't leave. We obliged, but we are appealing the GM threats. No one in our guild got banned, no one was suspended, we simply moved back to the isle and sat where the orb on the boat ports you to.
    TLDR: Ruinous WPvPs a lot and this certain instance of mass WPvP actually made people so angry that a GM got involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    Why should blizzard HAVE to do something like that? These people are just douchebags and the gm warning was well deserved.
    camping a spawn point is not being a douchebag its cleverly using game mechanics. If you dont want to have your spawned point capped, then have more diversity in how you spawn in the zone or how you rez otherwise dont complain you got camped by 200 players who wanted to kill horde.

    Judgeing by what kaputo said it seems like horde were rezzing just fine under the ship and could even swim back to land gather a force and retake the boat but they failed multiple times and choose to report the guild instead of fighting back for their territory.
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    nice to see Blizz censorship in action again, their thread already deleted.

    i always get a good laugh at how they think it means that the problem dissapears and nobody will ever hear about it when they try to censor their forums. all it does is make their customer support lose credibilty

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    I was disappointed. I was hoping for everyone to /gquit and just keep going.
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    We're seriously walking into Naming & Shaming here with all the discussion of the guild and what people think of them.


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