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    5.2 Fire- T14 two piece or 4 piece?

    Since 5.2 hit I have been running with 2 piece and then going for all out crit..Im about 35% crit raid buffed (498 ilvl) but considering how Inferno Blast works now would it be more beneficial to take 4 piece for the reduced Combustion cd? Especially on fights like Horridon where aoe dmg is very important!

    I looked in other threads and could not find a specific answer to my question...sorry if I overlooked it by chance..Thank you for the help!


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    T14 4P for Fire is incredibly shitty. The extra stats will benefit you a lot more if you're replacing with higher iLevel stuff.
    Still wondering why I play this game.
    I'm a Rogue and I also made a spreadsheet for the Order Hall that is updated for BfA.

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