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    Jin'rokh the Breaker Static Burst

    We had our first night of attempts on Thursday.

    I'm just curious how Static Burst works and how other teams have been handling the Taunt swaps.

    It seems Static Burst is applied before he tosses the Tank at a statue. The off-tank would Taunt and then get tossed at the statue leaving the original Tank with the debuff and the boss. According to the TankSpot strategy they don't Taunt until a Tank is tossed into a statue. Should we be waiting for the initial Tank to get Static Burst and be tossed before Taunting? I'm a little confused how this works. It seems both Tanks end up with the debuff just different stacks as time expires.

    If someone could offer some feedback to how the initial pull works it would be appreciated.
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    Yes. Taunt after toss. Never move boss from middle

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    Quote Originally Posted by spoolatarygos View Post
    Yes. Taunt after toss. Never move boss from middle
    Yes, taunt after toss, my guild tanked it so that the boss was in the pool so that DPS could kill the boss with the buff same with the tank who doesn't have the debuff. Move the boss back as the pool expands.
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    Don't need to move him. His hit box is nearly the entire room. Moving him in and out forces everyone to move and will put you even further from the next statue, which will always be the furthest.

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    When our guild did it, the tanks taunted as soon as one got the debuff. The tank without the debuff did end up getting tossed every time but we just had the other tank pop a defensive cooldown for the six or so seconds it took for the stun on the clean tank to wear off. The damage seemed more than manageable. (both tanks are about 488-490 ilvl).

    And yea, like the above posters said, we just keep him in the middle the whole fight.

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    It was giving us fits for our first couple of attempts, but then my other tank and I figured out that by taunting immediately after the application, then having the "dirty" tank taunt back immediately before the toss, we could ensure that not only would the "clean" tank remain the primary aggro target, but we could also avoid the raid-wide damage that comes from having the dirty tank take a few hits before the throw goes out.

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    We did it the same way as Sorphius's group. It doesn't really matter much though, you can always just pop a D cooldown for the 6 seconds of the stun as others have said.

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    Well as it happens to our raid I (main tank DK) get the first stacks then off tank taunts boss , at 1.5 secs before toss i taunt him back and get tossed , after tank toss offtank gets his stacks as i land i pop desecrated ground to wear off the stun and taunt boss as he reaches me the stacks fall off and we get back to the normal taunt rotation . We do this to limit that aoe dmg that raid suffers from boss meleeing the tank with stacks

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