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    Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun procs once in 5mins?

    I started video recording, charged to dummy with my warrior. Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun proced first time after 5 mins and 30 seconds! Even Spark of Zandalar proced 3 times and I got 6 stacks when Feather proced.

    Seriously, what kind of mechanic is this?

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    Might be a bug if you have 2 trinkets on the same proc mechanic. Try testing with only the Feather on.
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    Just tried it. 3 mins later it proced.

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    Welcome to the world of RPPM trinkets. Yes that sucks
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    RPPM trinkets suck. For Hunters, BiS Normal mode is VP Trinket(non-RPPM) from Raid Rep and Bottle HC from Elegon HC.

    RPPM looks good on paper, but sucks due to RNG

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    The RPPM trinkets also seem to still be using the wrong haste values, and are overvalued right now. So, it'll suck even more after the changes.

    Also, the trinket is labeled wrong, it gives 1600str per stack, according to EJ and people that looked at the buff in-game.
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    The RPPM trinkets have to be bugged or something. I got a thunderforged Bad Juju trinket, and it'll proc quickly the first time, and then 4 minutes later it still doesn't proc a second time.

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    Something is definitely wrong with the rPPM trinkets, aside from them using the wrong haste values (making them actually better).

    The first night after I got Juju, I went almost 30 minutes without a proc.

    Every time I hit a dummy, I'll go 5 minutes before I get my first proc, and then subsequent procs usually take anywhere between 3-5 minutes.

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    It can proc after 3-4minutes, I tested myself or even more in your case. Based on logs of what I have researched on warriors with that trinket (because it was unbelievable to not get a proc for 3-4min thinking it might be me doing something wrong or bug), I've seen it not proc for 3minutes at least every log. So it proves this trinket being bad, the RPPM of this trinket is also lowest (0.56RPPM) out of all RPPM trinkets for strength users.

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    7 mins 35 seconds Primordius 25m encounter and Feather of Ji-Kun proced only once at 6:50, execute phase.

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    RPPM is a terrible mechanic when it comes to trinkets, they should remove it.
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    Got this on my DK. After 3 minutes it procced nearly back to back, and then proceeded to not proc again for like 8 minutes.

    They really need to change RPPM or nobody is going to be using these new trinkets.

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    I'm pretty sure they will do something about this system. Since those trinkets are close to usless atm

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