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    Jedi Sentinel pvp question

    Anyone on Test see which tree will be better for the Sent?

    With 2.0 right around the corner, I'm wanting to get into PvP. I know Focus is big right now, but it's also boring to play. I can't say for Sent exactly, but on my Jugg, Focus just isn't fun. I'm looking to level my Sent as Watchman, but only if it won't give me an aneurism trying to play it successfully in PvP.

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    I PvP'd a lot with my Sentinel as Watchman and really enjoyed it. The numbers on the scoreboard aren't going to get you over excited but a Watchman Sentinel makes a great healer hunter.
    I don't crunch numbers but my gut feeling is just keep up your dots and the many many interupts will have your targetted healer wishing he hadn't been born, some nice survival tricks as well for when that troublesome guard starts beating on you or the rare occasions when one of the DPSers actually tries to keep thier healer alive.
    A little while back I switched to Focus to try and get some big numbers but quickly got bored and don't play it much now.
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    I pvp as combat, the utility is amazing, you lose the aoe dmg but and with zen up you smash single target with zen and blade rush, from what I've seen on the PTS focus is still pretty strong ie; fotm but the other specs are very playable
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    What ever happened to Watchman? Back when I played it used to be the shizzle. Massive damage + self healing + interrupts. I'm guessing it got nerfhammered? Or did the skill level of the player base evolve in some way to make it not so strong anymore?

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    watchmen is still good unless you are going up against a good healer, they can make watchmen pretty weak, focus right now is all the rage due to your slashes lowering the CD on smash and talents making smash free with force sweep of the dmg buff you get from force crush(forgot the pubside name), and force stasis. Combat for me is the most dmg/fun

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    I remember focus smash builds being powerful back when I played also. But it was more a thing for Jedi Guardians or Sith Juggernauts (We didn't have access to the full force sweep buff stack count they did - essentially making our force sweeps 25% - X% weaker if I remember correctly). Combat just didn't seem to cut out damage/pressure wise (or people, including myself, didn't know how to effectively use it). Has the focus tree been revised for Sentinels so that they can compete with SGs in the focus tree?

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