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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivena View Post
    So I am quite an achievement hunter but sometimes there are those which I absolutely don't want to get

    [Seeker of Knowledge] or [Conqueror] are just two which I will never get since it is (in my opinion) just a really big waste of time.

    I am curious which ones you don't like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishblade View Post
    A whole lot of PvP achievements, not my thing.
    This...I've tried to do some...but there's so many complainers & griefers in bg's that it just makes me lose the drive to get them.

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    BB King, every year I promise myself I'm gonna get it, but in the end, I never do.

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    Justicar. Probably won't ever get 2700 in arena (2200 is tough, but I'll never say never to that).

    Quote Originally Posted by Nohara View Post
    BB King, every year I promise myself I'm gonna get it, but in the end, I never do.
    You can get BB King outside of Winter Veil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryder View Post
    Never say never, but I think 5000 pet battle wins will take me a few years...
    I'm at 2800... I think I am hitting it before the first year of MoP is over.

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    The Insane probably. I've done a lot of long and tough ones like Loremaster for example, but I don't see myself getting the necessary rep. Hopefully this post will jinx it so that one day I will actually earn it.

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    i guess, keeping it in the family. Last achi i need for glory of the cata raider and needed it for months. Problem is even wen i make it clear before hand that i want the achi, onyxia is dead as nef lands and p3 starts with nef still at 100% hp, every single time.
    Guess i could host the achi and make sure every1 knows what they are doing, but honestly its not sumthing i want to ever try again

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    I'll join the overwhelming anti pvp majority
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    The 2700 rated arena achievement is something I'll surely never get. Unless of course the inflation of arena rating will rise by a lot.

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    Salty and Hero of the Alliance/Horde, on account of neither actively participating in fishing tournaments nor PvPing often.

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    I thought it would be impossible for me to get the "Salty" achievment. Tho now im just 1 achiev away and that is the one where you need to win a fishing contest. Hopefully that will be today!

    I actually won the contest! You cna now call me "Salty Villton".
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    [Shave and Haircut], really I chose my hairstyle long time ago and like it.

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    The Insane. I grinded back to friendly with the Cartel so I wouldn't get raped every time I wanted to visit Booty Bay or Ratchet. Anything Arena related, I will not set foot in the Arena ever sadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    The 2700 rated arena achievement is something I'll surely never get. Unless of course the inflation of arena rating will rise by a lot.
    Same here. I might get gladi in 5v5, but without rating inflation I'll never get 2700rating in 3v3.

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    2700 in 3s
    top 0.5% rated bgs

    I refuse to roll fotms for pvp, and have beeen 2k ish (2.2k+ in 5s) as enhancement a few times, didn't pvp as anything else since wotlk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    Salty, for obvious painful reasons.
    And "Only the Penitent...". Just cannot find reliable people that can manage to breathe, watch the screen, and /sit at the same time.
    Painful memories with that one. Went the entire Firelands patch without getting that one achievement. Got all of the others, done all the bosses on Heroic, but there was always someone who fucked it up.

    Personally, I think Insane in the Membrane. It is much easier today then ever, but I just can't bring myself to do it. That, or the Seeker of Knowledge. I levelled Archeology in one day from 0 - 600 on my new Monk, and if I ever do another dig site in my life, I might just go hang myself.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    You whiners shoulda done insane back when it was hard like some of us did. -_- now it's easy garbage. They have since removed shen'dralar, made Darkmoon Faire rep super easy in 4.3, and buffed rep gains from killing BB guards.

    I had yet to hate archaeology until I did seeker of knowledge getting the last pristine took me hours a day of farming for a week and a half.

    I will never do most of the pvp ones, but I'm certainly never getting exalted with Warsong or Defilers. Why the hell can't they nerf those rep grinds?

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    Conqueror. Enough said! Still need WSG rep to Exalted, the rest are finished.

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