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    [H] <The Exiled> 16/16H 6/13H LFM

    The Exiled of Rexxar (CST) has been a guild that has withstood the test of time, originating as a group initially back during the times of EQOA (if anyone remembers that game on PS2), with one of its core members of that 2002 group as the leader of the guild (and raid leader) who has done what it takes to keep his raiding roster as relevant as possible, and if you are looking for a horde guild that is looking to push as far as possible in progression, then read on!

    We are looking to add the following (We also would like to have logs provided of your ability to examine what we are working with):

    * A Ranged DPS, we are looking for ANY ranged, though preferring one with spell haste such as a boomkin, ele shaman, or shadow priest, but are open to any ranged.

    * A Healer

    Raid Times and Nights are Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8-12 est.

    Our progression is as follows:

    Mists of Pandaria:

    6/6 Heroic Mogushan Vaults (Including RF Will of the Emps)
    6/6 Heroic Heart of Fear (Including RF Empress)
    4/4 Heroic Terrace of Endless Springs (Including RF Sha of Fear)

    6/12 Heroic Throne of Thunder - Jin'Rokh / Horridon / Council / Tortos / Ji-Kun / Iron Qon


    FL: FL: 6/7H 10 man (7/7H a little bit after the nerf, sold as many as 5 heroic rag mounts per week with mains and alts towards the end of Cataclysm)

    DS: 8/8H 10 man x 2 groups (killed madness at 15%, sold 2 Deathwing mounts a week, could have easily sold more had we had more buyers)

    Wrath of the Lich King:

    ICC: 11/12 HM 25 @ 5% (9/12 HM 25 with alts @ 15%)

    ToGC: 5/5 HM 10/25 (Completed Tribute to Dedicated Insanity/came within 4% of Tribute to Immortality on Anub'arak)

    We are looking to strengthen our roster with players who can compete with our strong DPS crew to compete in 5.2, given our recent rush to get to our progression, and a need to fill our core group out with powerful DPS all around

    We are also never one to turn down exceptional applicants however if there is interest beyond our primary needs, all of us play alts that most of us are exceptional at, and are open to making adjustments as need be given what we recruit.

    We also provide and currently stream our raids each night through numerous points of views to provide as much as we can to players during each of our raids.

    If you are interested in finding out more information about what we can provide/offer you, please real-id add one of the two provided Battle-Tags to speak more regarding interest/questions to work towards the application process as we have a website that we haven't been able to update due to our administrator (who doesn't play) being pressed for time at:

    [email protected] OR Pru#1726 (In case the Vathral ID is not on at the time)

    We promise nothing but honesty in any and all processes with whoever speaks with us regarding interest. However, we also promise that if you want to be absolutely challenged and have fun with a group looking to excel beyond what we were pulling off in Dragon Soul/Firelands with our mains/alts, then this is the guild to look at/consider!

    Hope to hear from interested applicants soon!
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    sent you a Friend request with few questions

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    Vath or Pru should have gotten to you. Still looking!

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    Bumped to the top, Jin'rokh Heroic is downed!

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    Who loves orange soda? Bumped

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    Heroic Horridon down! Bump!

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    Heroic Ji-Kun down in 12 attempts. Bumped to the top.

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    Bump, Heroic Tortos and Iron Qon down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craved View Post
    Are you still looking for an rdps? I'm looking for a new raiding home and my shadow priest main has 5/13 HM experience.

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    Yes still looking for ranged, bump!

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    Where are all them ranged DPS at!!!

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    <3 Ranged, please feel free to contact us in-game!

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    6/13H now with Council down. In dire need of a ranged dps (Mage/SPriest especially). Feel free to send a message to Vathral or Pru, or contact any member in-game for more details.

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