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    Currently streaming feral PVP & leveling:

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    Hey all, just started back streaming.

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    How's it going

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    perfect thanks for info

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    sv/bm hunter play in a rbg team and arenas (obviously doing bfa pve atm)

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    I'm a previous Gladiator Enhancement Shaman main. You can catch my stream at I also queue arena on my alts (disc priest and fire mage currently). I look forward to seeing you in chat!

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    Thanks for this thread! // Balance Druid Rbg and Arena. 2000-2300 gameplay. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello everyone,

    I started my Twitch channel not long ago at
    Class I stream: Balance Druid
    Started a Challenge to raise to max lvl this Druid by doing only PvP content.
    See ya!

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