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    If you could remove one skill from pvp

    What would it be?

    I'd say:


    By far the most annoying skill in pvp.

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    Paladins bubble, or anything that makes you immune to damage (like deterence bascially does) theres just no place for them in pvp, makes it massivly unfair

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    Frost bomb or Nether Tempest

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    And the new warlock bubble mabye. Warlocks were perfectly fine without all those new defensive CD's and heals in cata

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    Every non-pure damage dealing skill
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    Spells that reset cds of things.
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    Not necessarily a skill, but I'd get rid of all the instant cast CC, or at least the majority.
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    Fear /10characters

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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?
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    not a talent but Resilient Grip glyph for DKs

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    Deathgrip, followed closely by fear. Those spells are just so irritating, even allies piss me off haphazardly deathgripping my targets all the time. Im also a bit tired of knockbacks and people blowing time warp at the beginning of bgs, but those arent critical issues for me.

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    I would say DKs, but i don't think there's any skills involved in that.

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    Solar beam.
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    Shuriken Toss.

    (Ursol's Vortex & Death Grip strong contenders)
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    Blink, Deterrence. both are annoying as hell

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    Deterrence, no question about it

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    Deterrance or Death Grip.

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    Stealth, really dislike the idea of invisibility, the skill itself is so strong, it is uncomparable in pvp.

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    May I ask why there's such a dislike for deterrence? Honestly, I'm just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rkd View Post
    May I ask why there's such a dislike for deterrence? Honestly, I'm just curious.
    Because it has no counter, unlike other immunities like icecube and bubble.

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