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    We got it down pretty quickly. Our healers are amazing, 3 healed (Priest, Monk, Druid)

    Just killed Red and Green over and over. Killed Blue second to last.

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    GRGRBRG seem to be the easiest way to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynthesis View Post
    If you think that Megaera is boring at the start just wait till Dark Animus. I am pretty sure I fell asleep during phase 1 on our first kill.
    Huh? I didn't even have time to fall asleep on that fight, it felt like the weirdest fight ever, big trash pack is all... The trash before this boss that cast lightning is way harder, when we killed it really fast, we were like wtf? Is this all? Can easily see this fight is designed around Heroic and normal mode came out really lame. (Fight lasted around 3 min for us so yeah wtf...)

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    We kill it Green > Red > Green > Red etc, we completely skip blue.
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    It was a great fight until they nerfed it...
    Ooh well, be on Heroic instead soon.

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