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    Over there --->
    Rez > Dead. Rez > Dead.
    Very fun I have to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeeh View Post
    People are doing it "wrong" atm. It doesnt require 100+ people, it requires 25-40 people that are actually geared (meaning full 522, if not 535) to do it right.
    You do know that he's dropping items with an ilvl of 522, yes?

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    Cant say I do, nothing fun about dying right after starting the fight, then the endless graveyard zerg run.
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    With so many people there I just constantly DC and when I'm in game I can barley move

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    Not sure why people are defending it by saying 'it's designed to be done with an organised raiding group'

    On busy servers like ravencrest you don't exactly have a choice to kill it with less than about 150 people. Not like you need to be in the engaging raid group to get loot...

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    I voted no. I play on Stormrage - US and he crashes the world server at least 3 times a day since were a very high pop ( 1500 que at peak times on tuesday ). The fight consists of oondasta lagging so badly he doesnt do anything, 5 sec spell delay's on insta cast spells and a server crash at about 20% since there are 5-8 40 man raids there killing him. No part of that spells fun to me.
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    I would do it if he drop a mount of himself instead direhorn otherwise fuck no thanks. Not worth my time.

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    Remember that cute little rabbit in DMF? That required a group of 40 people and even then it got tricky at times. Like anything, as times goes on it gets easier with gear and all that other stuff. Oondasta is doable with far less people, but it requires a geared enough group as well as following instructions, like any elite/raid boss.

    The only reason he's so tough is because with so many people doing it at once, it's near impossible to do without dying a ton. Too many people not following instructions, not enough spreading out 10 yards etc. The first time I actually killed him was far less people. We one shot it, hardly anyone died and it was a very controlled and very easy fight. It was just overall much easier because there was more room to work with and you weren't bumping into each other. But, most of the time there is just SO many people, goodness it's tough. lol
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    Oondasta is just a massive lag orgy where you just afk after you get one shot in a few seconds into the fight, to avoid repair bills.

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    everyones already forgotten about the lag fest and cluter fk that was the opening of the gates of aq. people wanted something epic feeling. there you go. In the end we (the players) get what we ask for and still arent happy. I dont really mind the fight, gold is not a big deal for repairs. Im generally indifferent

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    well i like this encounter mostly becou of sooo many corpses at one place and the part that i am trying to survive that fight without raid (yes there is other 80+ ppl but i heal myself ) last kill i managed to dodge ik blast for about 60proc of boss hp
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    I hate it. Farming it on 9 chars is just a pain, when the mount eventually drops I'll probably stop.

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    Graphics skips isn't the problem for me. I just fail to find the fun in getting one shot by a boss multiple times no matter how many cd's I use and needing to have almost 2 full raids+ just to kill it to get a bag of 28g is bs.

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    its a fun encounter, but i havent been able too enjoy it cause people are just GY zerging it and turning the boss around like a maddino making you unable too dodge it frontal cone aoe

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    Perhaps the D/C I am getting late peak times s due to this boss trying to be zerged by 300 people per realm per Battlegroup? Since this recent Wedenesday he is spawning every hour or so too...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    That's how it is now with Ood. The world ranked guild on the server kills him, the rest of us run in, hit him one or twice, run out or die and just stay dead, wait 5 mins and then collect loot. It's a wonderful design
    Wow, I wish we could do that on our server... the only tries I've been around for were pretty much 8 hours of 120 people failing because they're idiots (chaining the beam, not using CD for frill blasts, etc) with no 'pro guild' to carry them. :/

    I'd happily tag and die to let some guild kill him for us... if we actually had a guild to do that.


    The whole 'horribly unfun to do as a tank in any sort of pug as you're just going to die because no one takes the boss off you and he eats your face so have fun running back' sort of thing is just so enjoyable.
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    I don't actually know how the encounter is supposed to go since my realm just zergs him to death. So I have no opinion.

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    Hit boss once and go afk for 10min is how I killed it this week, not much fun

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    I dislike him, I find it completely idiotic.

    I've only killed him once, but I basically just sat out of range of him until he reached about 5% and then I walked over and hit him once to collect my loot. There's no sense in actually fighting him, because you'll just be dead the entire time. I have to admit though, the sea of skeletons was mildly hilarious.

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    I was just watching a group zerg Oondasta while afk. He had his usually 867 million hp.

    Then when I came back (after theyd wiped a bunch) I noticed he only had 432 hp and people talking in general saying 'gg hotfix hp' and similar. He definetely had only 50% of his health and they killed him.

    Was he just hotfixed? This was on Frostmourne US. I cant find any posts about it on other forums atm, but this only happened 10 minutes ago.

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