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    Heroic Leap or Charge auto camera adjust

    Whenever I use heroic leap or charge, the camera auto adjust to behind my character. It makes me dizzy.
    Is there any method to stop this function? I have already tried every camera setting in interface, and they all didn't work.

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    I had this happening right after the patch too. I thought it had gone away by itself when I read this post cause I remember it annoyed the crap out of me the first raid, but I just logged on and found it still happens, guess I just got used to it. That being said I had this happen once after the 5.0 patch and it just went away at some point, not sure how to/what causes it though.
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    I noticed this too on mostly charges. camera will spin around to the side of my character. No ideal what 5.2, but that's when it became pretty consistent

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