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    your favourite boss in t15?

    just wondering which fight people liked the most, and why.

    we've only cleared 9bosses so far (doing iron qon and hopefully twins tonight) but a fight i really enjoyed was durumu. plenty of stuff to pay attention to, more execution based than pure numbers. jin'rokh was incredibly boring so i'd rank it last. council was plenty of fun too imo

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    Durumu and Lei Shen were the best fights in there.

    The only fight that lacks some creativity is the first one, but that's okay.

    Although easy I liked Primordius because of the LoTR references lol.

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    Our guild is only 3/12, but I found Council incredibly fun to heal. It was the first fight where both healers were practically OOM by the end of the fight.

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    durumu is pretty fun. most of the bosses were pretty well done i thought. jinrok is a loot pinata but i expect his Heroic to be fun.

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    Tortos, because turtles are awesome.

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    Lei Shen is awesome, I really liked Iron Qon & Animus as well.

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    Yeah Durumu was hands down the most fun boss in this tier, and since a couple of tiers to be honest. We've done all bosses. A lot of my guildies liked Lei Shen, but I wasn't so charmed by that encounter personally.

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    A lot of my guildies hated Durumu, I loved it.

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    I don't know why but Ji-kun is kinda fun for me. Other than that Durumu is awesome, Lei Shen is not too bad and altho Twin Consorts are a huge loot pinata on normal I expect that fight to be really fun on HC.

    On the other hand, Horridon is the worst boss for me.

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    Fuck Council's reflect.
    Fuck Durumu's sea of black shit.
    Fuck Qon's tornadoes and shields.

    Probably Horridon/Lei Shen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phyx View Post
    On the other hand, Horridon is the worst boss for me.
    You could say Horridon is a horrid one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by turskanaattori View Post
    Fuck Council's reflect.
    Fuck Durumu's sea of black shit.
    Fuck Qon's tornadoes and shields.

    Probably Horridon/Lei Shen.

    I'll vote Lei Shen, propably durumu coming in second.
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    I liked Ji-kun. Durumu is good except for the sea of black shit. Tortos is shit as melee(at least when I was still progressing on that boss, I think the few melee that were in the kill just sat on boss/bats)

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    Durumu followed by Lei shen to me. Horridon, council and (if it wasn't as undertuned as jin'rokh) twin consorts are also up there. I really love the fights this tier though, I haven't felt this pleased with a tier since ulduar (and objectively I even think it's better). Only fights I've been a bit displeased with in normals (and hc should solve most of it) are jin'rokh, dark animus (just falls over and no real need to think about the anima mechanic) & primordius (just as undertuned as jin'rokh, and not very interesting).
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    Nobody's mentioned da snails?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninotchka View Post
    Nobody's mentioned da snails?
    can trash count as my favorite. my guild is hilarious we are taking trash (especially ji-kuns) more serious than some of the bosses.
    We are popping lust and stuff to make it faster its fun.

    On an actual boss note, I love most of the fights this tier and would say that the boss mechanics are probably the best I have particpated in (I skipped wotlk so I didnt do ulduar)

    Only boring fights are jin'rokh/tortos for me (playing ww)

    My top 3 fights are Lei shen, animus, and twin consorts. Though seeing 1.2m rising sun kick hits on primordius is pretty entertaining

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    As melee, enjoyed Council so far the most, awesome fight (Done them all on normal and Jin HC which was quite fun actually).

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    Nobody enjoyed iron qon? Bit surprised there! I like druuuuuumu, lei shen from an RL perspective, and qon!

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    Durumu hands down. Introduced a bunch of fun new mechanics never seen before, such as the colored beams. Can't wait for hc.

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    I like them all aside from Megaera. My favourite one is probably Durumu/Lei Shen. I'm also looking forward to Dark Animus HC, that fight should be fun.

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