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    Standard "Help our Elemental" thread

    Hello Shaman community,

    I have spent the last couple hours trying to parse through and figure out what our Elemental shaman could do to improve. I have tried looking at the lower-end ranked Elemental logs to compare, but nothing sticks out to me overall. He was Resto for most of T14 (we didn't start raiding till jan) but swapped elemental as we recruited more heals.

    Here are the logs

    It seems like most of his damage %'s are in-line, and even the just-outside-top-200 parses are showing about his level of DPS. He is 503 iLvl but doesn't have an Elemental T14 bonus.

    Anybody have suggestions what he could improve on? Go Enhancement? He does well on cleave fights, just his single target seems to be this far behind. Thanks so much!

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    His Flame Shock uptime is very bad, which means his Lava Bursts are hitting for a fraction of what they should be.

    He is using Unleash Elements seemingly on cooldown. It is pretty much wrong to use it at all other than in very limited situations.

    He appears to not be using Unleashed Lightning which is just plain wrong. Being able to always cast while moving is the single most powerful ability in our arsenal and he isn't using it.

    He is a bit undergeared, but don't let him play the T14 4pc card too hard, it isn't that great of a bonus, and considering how poorly he is managing Flame Shock already it might actually hurt him. The lack of a 2pc is hurting him. I'd point him to a basic "how to Elemental" guide, he doesn't appear to have done any research, having him play Enh isn't likely to improve the situation as there is nuance to that spec as well, arguably more.

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    Having a quick look at your longest attempt (7 min 9s )

    His Flameshock uptime is 68%. Although there may be some downtime when the heads disapear when one dies it should be 95% + really. As the poster above said it results in weak lava bursts

    He cast 22 Elemental Blasts during the encounter, which is one every 19.5s. The spell has a 12s CD so he should have been casting nearer 33+ of these (again some slack due to nothing to attack for brief periods)

    He also has melee swings in there which means he wasnt casting something. The one key rule of being a caster dps ABC - Always Be Casting!!

    He also shouldnt really be casting thunderstorm, no need for it.

    My advice:-

    Set up some weak auras to track LvB and EB cooldowns so he is definately using them on CD and one for flame shock so he is alerted if his target doesnt have it. Along with a dot timer for the flame shock (i assume he has this)

    These should improve his dps a lot

    Hope that helps



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    The guys above me have said it all basically, all very simple face palming things.

    So since he seems to be too lazy to read a basic guide. I doubt he'll be too keen to make any weak auras, so use an all in one addon that tells him what to cast!


    And if he gets the urge to read - http://www.icy-veins.com/elemental-s...owns-abilities

    Icy veins is one of many sites that will push him in the right direction!

    Disclaimer - I am an enhancement shaman I have no experience with that addon and I believe you shouldn't rely on one to tell you what to do next, BUT they can be great training wheels for people new to the class.

    Good luck! Tell us how he goes next raid!

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    Thanks all.

    He isn't a lazy player, hes actually been trying to read up on stuff to improve. He hasn't been full time Ele for very long, and was messing around with glyphs/talents last night (which is why they look weird I believe, especially unleash elements and the LB glyph).

    Will pass the info along, I appreciate you taking a look!

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