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    how i can find a good pvp guild for me ?

    i am ret pala full malv +3 tyrann items i consider myself a good player in 2v2 teams i am the best dps and when i play premade bgs i am the top kb and dps

    i know how to play with my class the problem is simple .... i am ret pala

    in 5.1 and now in 5.2 i try every night to join RBG but never no one want ret pala and without rating and i will never get rating unless i played rbgs ( the Chicken and the egg )

    so my friend told me join a pvp guild some of them make a cap night or fun night play with ppl low exp to get them up

    first i didn't like the idea coz i am not a bad player its just no one gave me the opportunity to get rating but after that i surrendered and start to spam tradechat ( LF PVP GUILD play RBGs i am ret pala full malv +3 tyrann items ) and I joined 2 guilds and the 2 of them dont know the principles of rbgs some time go wiout tank some time go with 2 healers and i abandoned this guilds

    so i come here to ask how i can find a good guild for me ?

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    keep an eye on your trade chat, most guilds will advertse on it, and just compare your exp with theirs, or even ask around your server. Talk to people do pugs

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